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‘Fake S–t’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Krystal Kills Hits Back at Fans Who Slam Her for Fight with Donna

Social media is still buzzing about the explosive fight between “Black Ink Crew” stars Krystal Kills and Donna Lombardi that was shown in Wednesday night’s episode.

The incident began when Kills tried to defend newcomer and events coordinator London against Lombardi, whom she felt was bullying the new hire at the time. The two tattoo artists exchanged words, one thing led to another, and their face-to-face spun into a physical altercation.

Donna Lombardi
From right to left, London, Krystal Kills and Donna Lombardi (R). @vh1 screengrab

Afterward, Kills was extremely upset that London didn’t jump into her fight with Lombardi to help her and even tried to put paws on the newbie during the last few seconds of the episode. To make matters worse, she received a wave of backlash from “Black Ink” viewers for not only fighting Lombardi, but also for fighting London’s battles and then attacking her afterward.

“Kystal looked for what she got 😂😂 London you next better leave my girl alone @donnadadondada”

“So let me get this right the girl you stuck up for you then tried to fight and get mad at even tho ur the 1 who popped off. I’m confused VH1 prolly told her to do all that 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

Krystal Kills
Krystal Kills (left) and Donna Lombardi (right). (Photos: VH1 screen grab, @donnadadondada/Instagram)

However, the Latina tattoo artist defended herself against naysayers on Instagram hours after the episode aired and stood by her supposed “erratic” actions on the show.

“If the tables turned I would of had her back period just cause you can relate to some fake s–t don’t mean I can,” Kills responded back to a critic via Instagram on Sept. 5.

Krystal Kills
“Black Ink Crew” star Krystal Kills defends fight against Donna Lombardi. @kill_lustrator

She added in an apparent now-deleted comment, “I’ve gotten into so much s–t defending my friends, my loyalty runs deep. Bunch of s–t was cut out so you don’t have all the info to even have an opinion. … She should of knew better not to get in my face after some s–t like that.”

Despite the backlash Kills received, there were viewers who sided with her.

“To be honest I feel like u did the right thing for standing up for London cause u was looking out for her , but the f–ked Up part is this gurl London didn’t have ur back at all. Donna was wrong af too 🤷🏽‍♀️”

“I love you !! Yall new girls don’t have to kiss Donna ass or nobody else but Caesar 😂 hell f–k her & the other girls 💯”

Check the fight out between Kills and Lombardi below:

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