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‘I Would Feel Like I Failed as a Father’: Nick Cannon Weighs In on Diddy Dating Lori Harvey

Rumors of Sean “Diddy” Combs dating Steve Harvey‘s stepdaughter Lori Harvey have gotten a lot of people talking, and Nick Cannon is one of the latest people to weigh in.

The chatter began in March when the 22-year-old Harvey and 49-year-old Combs were spotted together at a reggae concert in Miami. Then in July they were seen heading to the restaurant Nobu in Malibu, California.

And later that month they were spotted wearing matching outfits while walking in New York City, which really got the rumor mill buzzing.

Cannon certainly knows about May-December romances, because he married Mariah Carey at 27 years old when she was 38. Cannon and the singer tied the knot in 2008, separated in 2014, and their divorce was finalized two years later.

Cannon and Carey also have two kids together, Moroccan and Monroe, and the radio host has another daughter, Golden Cannon, with ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell.

While Cannon said he doesn’t have a problem with Combs dating a younger woman in Harvey, he would feel completely differently if one of his daughters had a much older boyfriend.

“I wouldn’t have a problem with that, but I’d be heartbroken if that was my daughter,” he said in an interview on VladTV that surfaced on Wednesday. “To each his own, but I would feel like I failed as a father if I’m sitting across from a table, the dude is the same age as me that’s dating my daughter. I would feel like I failed.”

But Cannon admitted there wouldn’t be anything he could do if one of his daughters was an adult and wanted to date a man that was much older.

“First of all she’s [Harvey] is 22,” he stated. “You can’t tell her what to do. As much as I would feel like I would fail as a father, if my 22-year-old daughter who’s grown [is dating an older guy,’] she can do whatever she wants to do. Twenty-two is an adult. … I’ve never met Lori Harvey. I don’t know how mature she is.”

But despite the rumors, Harvey and Combs haven’t confirmed they’re actually a couple.

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