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‘My Son Would Have Been Displaced’: Single Father Keeps His Cool Despite Racist Taunts from Uber Driver In Fear of Losing His Son

A Black Uber passenger said his driver assaulted him, called him the n-word in front of his 10-year-old son and nearly crashed the van.

“You violated me man, in front of my son, not once but twice – and you almost got us killed,” Anton Harris told Fox 2 News. 

Harris told the news station he doesn’t have a car, so he arranged for an Uber car to take him to a dialysis treatment with his son.

After the driver picked the pair up, Harris said he asked if they could first stop at a gas station to grab something to eat for when he was on the dialysis machine.

“He said yeah,” Harris told Fox 2. “Before I can come out, my son came in and said he was cussing like tell your ‘mf-ing father to come on.’ So I got in the car like, ‘Hey, man, you don’t have to be cussing, I didn’t take that long.'” 

Harris told the news station the driver demanded he and his son get out of the van but he refused in fear he would miss his appointment.

“He called me the n-word dog, I guess he said that in order to taunt me to do something to him,” Harris said. “So I can get into trouble, or so I would get out of the car.”

Harris then told Fox 2 the driver got out of the van, opened the father’s door and lunged at him.

“I stood up in the van — I never got out of the van,” Harris told Fox. “When I stood up in the van, he ran around got into the car and just started flying up Livernois.”

Harris told Fox the driver ran red lights, drove in bike lanes and nearly crashed into another vehicle.

“We came this close to that car hitting us,” Harris said. “Like, for real.”

It’s unclear who called the police, but officers responded to the scene and arrested the driver. Harris, a single father, told Fox he is glad he kept his cool.

“If I would’ve jumped on that man, I would have been in some serious trouble man,” Harris said. “They would’ve given me the book. My son would have been displaced. I would have been trying to find a way to get bond money and all types of miscellaneous stuff.”

The driver was booked at the Detroit Detention Center, Fox 2 reported.

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