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‘Grow TF Up Donna!’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Scold Donna After She Beefs With Walt’s New Girlfriend Over Old Two-on-One Fight With Dutchess

Some people just can’t let go of the past, and “Black Ink Crew” star Donna Lombardi just happens to be one of them.

The newly rehired tattoo artist found herself in quite an uncomfortable spot during Wednesday night’s episode after coming face-to-face with Walt‘s new girlfriend, who apparently jumped her years ago.

Walt, her co-worker, rejoiced about being in a new relationship and apparently decided to invite his girlfriend Jess to the shop. She was greeted with a warm welcome from everybody in the shop except Lombardi.

Donna Lombardi
Jess (left), Walt’s girlfriend and Donna Lombardi (right). (Photo: VH1 screen grabs)

Out of the blue, the Ohio native blurted out at Walt’s girl, “I know you! You helped Dutchess jump me on that ski slope.”

Nearly four years ago, Lombardi got into a physical altercation with her boss Ceaser Emanuel‘s ex-girlfriend Dutchess Lattimore during the gang’s ski trip in New York. Amid their fight, Jess apparently jumped in and helped Lattimore tag-team Lombardi, punching her in the head.

Fast-forward back to this week’s episode, and Lombardi nearly came to blows with Walt’s girlfriend.

“This girl was randomly at our ski trip four years ago … Then Dutchess and I start having words and this shady b–ch gets up behind me and inserts herself into a fight she has no business in,” Lombardi explained of the former incident. “She and Dutchess ambushed me!”

Walt seemingly defended his girlfriend and told Lombardi to “move on,” since the fight happened four years ago, but Lombardi became furious. Jess, however, said she was willing to apologize for her part in the matter, but the tattoo artist just wasn’t with it. Instead, she yelled at Walt and claimed he betrayed her by “sleeping with the enemy.”

Walt asked Lombardi to accept his relationship with Jess, but she wasn’t budging. Extremely upset, she decided to leave the shop abruptly.

Black Ink” viewers felt Lombardi was overreacting and told her to get over the matter.

“Stfu and grow tf up for real Donna 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️! Don’t hold a grudge from a fight 4 years ago. She’s so negative”

“Donna doesnt want to be an adult at all !!!??😔 Girl if you don’t sit the hell down somewhere.”

“Come on now Donna… an adult and just take the damn apology. It happened 4 years ago. Why hold a grudge when this woman was clearly willing and ready to apologize 😒🙄”

“Donna is always about some DUMB S–T DRAMA girl grow up!”

Others felt indifferent.

“I’m with Donna, I wouldn’t want to forget a face who was part of the fight with me 🤦‍♀️.”

“She tried to sneak that apology in there and Donna was like nope!! 😂 I feel her tho”

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