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Video Shows Instant Karma After Man Spits On NYC Subway Passenger Twice

Reddit video showed a Black man prying subway doors open to get his hands on a man who spat on him twice at an underground stop on 34th Street in Manhattan.

The video posted online Saturday showed subway doors opening and the rider in a black puff coat standing just inside of them.

Another man in a brown coat was standing on the other side of the doors when the video showed him quickly jolting his head upward to spit in the rider’s face. Then, the doors snapped close.

Reddit video of man pummeling man
Video shows a Black subway rider pummeling a man who spit on him at an underground stop on 34th Street in Manhattan. (Screenshot from Reddit video)

The man outside of the train started to walk away, but he returned when he noticed the train rider struggling to pry the doors open.

The rider managed to open them a few inches, and the video showed the man outside the train spitting on him a second time through the opening.

By that time, a crowd of spectators had gathered, and they could be heard in the video shouting “ohh!”

The man on the train slipped one arm between the slightly opened doors and started waving his fist through the opening.

It only took a few seconds for the doors to snap back open, and when they did, one of the spectators said, “Ohh, it’s over.”

The train rider, holding a plastic bag and phone, stepped off the train car, dropped his items on the ground and quickly walked toward his attacker.

The rider wrestled the man to the ground and punched him 10 times in the head and face before finishing the beating with a single kick.

Before the one-sided contest ended someone at the station can be heard in the video telling another person trying to intervene, “Nah, nah he spit in his face.”

When it was all over, the train rider picked up his plastic bag and phone and walked away from the scene yelling obscenities.

The other man didn’t appear to be conscious.

Police haven’t released specifics about the incident, such as when it occurred or how the altercation started, although the heavy clothes people in the video are wearing tends to indicate the scene is from some months ago.

Watch the video below:

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