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Aretha Franklin’s Son Issues Subpoenas, Seeks Answers Over Late Singer’s Assets

Aretha Franklin‘s son Kecalf Franklin wants the woman who’s overseeing his mother’s estate removed. And to get that done he filed a subpoena to her legal team at Thav Gross PV, the same firm that handled his mother’s legal affairs for decades.

The woman who was put in place by the courts to overlook the estate is the late singer’s niece Sabrina Owens, and Kecalf Franklin believes she’s done a horrible job and has been uncommunicative. He now wants to replace her as the manager of the estate and be the main representative.

He also wants documents to be submitted to show all of what his mother possessed prior to her passing in 2018. The determined son is demanding all bank statements and financial records be handed over from 2012 on, plus information on her trust, as well as documents that show wire transfers.

Owens’ lawyers have already fired back, and they’ve asked a judge to toss out the subpoenas, simply because it’ll take them months and hundreds of hours to gather everything. They said the documents are completely irrelevant to the current probate case.

Kecalf Franklin wants an inventory count on all of the singer’s gold records as well, in addition to her master recordings, music awards and jewelry.

On top of that, he’s demanding to see how much his mother’s music catalog is worth and wants an investigation behind checks that have allegedly been forged in her name.

Kecalf Franklin also said Owens has kept Aretha Franklin’s heirs in the dark about business deals, like the forthcoming film on her life and the Nat Geo docuseries “Genius,” which she was featured in.

The son wants to know more about the audits being conducted on his mother’s federal tax returns from 2012-2018 to boot.

Back in May, it was revealed that three handwritten wills were located in Aretha Franklin’s Detroit-area home after her lawyers said she didn’t have a will at all.

In those documents, which altogether contain 16 pages, the singer made it known that she wanted Kecalf Franklin and his brothers Clarence, Teddy and Edward to be taken care of.

She also wrote that before Kecalf and Edward could get their inheritance, they had to take business administration classes or obtain a college degree.

Reportedly, Edward is fully backing his brother’s attempt to replace Owens as the manager of their mother’s estate. But that same request is being contested by their brother Teddy, who denies that Owens is doing a bad job.

Franklin passed away from pancreatic cancer in Detroit on August 16, 2018. She was 76 years old.

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