‘You Are Full of Sh-t’: Watch What Happens When White Woman Goes on Profane Rant, Disobeys Orders, Then Flees Police During Routine Traffic Stop

What started as a routine traffic stop soon escalated into chaos and ended with a white woman writhing in pain from the shock of a policeman’s stun gun in a bizarre encounter caught on video.

Footage captured by the officer’s body camera and re-shared on Twitter by activist and filmmaker Tariq Nasheed shows the woman mouthing off and giving the cop a hard time when he tries writing her a ticket.

If She Was Black ....

An Oklahoma woman found herself under arrest after ignoring an officer’s commands, then fleeing the scene of a traffic stop. (KOCO News / video screenshot)

The reason for the stop isn’t immediately clear, but the woman is heard refusing an $80 fine for a “fixable” violation, seemingly a broken taillight. When the officer orders her out of the car to place her under arrest, she initially asks why — then flatly declines.

“You’re under arrest,” the officer says.

“No, I’m not,” the woman responds, refusing to open the door.

The cop repeatedly orders her out of the vehicle to no avail and resorts to tugging on her door handle and rapping on her window in an effort to get her out. Flying into rage, the woman hurls choice words at the policeman, telling him he’s “full of sh*t” among other insults.

“You be fair with me, and I’ll be fair with you,” she shouts through the partially opened window.

After a while, she screams at the officer to “shut up, and give me that,” motioning to the citation she previously refused to sign. “We’re way past that,” the officer replies before telling her to step out of the car once more.

That’s when the woman hits the gas and speeds off.

The video jumps to a scene showing the officer approaching the woman’s vehicle with his Taser drawn and yelling for her to “get out of the car! get out of the car!” Moments later, he flings open her door, reaches inside and drags her out and onto the ground.

“Put your hands behind your back!” the cop commands.

“No! Leave me alone,” the woman shouts back, still resisting arrest. “I said leave me alone and I meant it.”

At that point, the officer steps back and fires his Taser as the suspect attempts to get up.

“No, no, no!” she screams. The cop then pins her arms behind her back.

Video of the arrest sparked a flurry of reactions online from many who argued that the situation might have ended much differently if the woman was of a different race.

“She is resisting, why wasn’t her head bashed off the ground?,” one Twitter user wrote. “Why wasn’t she put in a choke hold? We have seen it before, when she tried to drive off, why wasn’t she shot in the face by the officer unloading the clip? Why didn’t he call for 30 police backup? She ain’t black.”

“Another video that does make the argument. She had the complexion for the protection,” another chimed in. “Defiantly resisted arrested and LIVED!”

One man argued: “If she was a black woman he’d have shot her! We’re [sic]  are all the white Supremacist saying ,’she needs to comply?’ See, white folks also know they’ve white Privilege that’s why she did this. I’d never talk back to a cop! We as black People get picked on. Period!”

“Cussed him out, told him no, then drove off! White Privilege is a @AmericanExpress Black Card!” another joked.

Watch more in the video below.

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