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‘Thicker Den a Mf’: Ashanti’s Barely Clad Body and Mega-Curves in New Music Video Drives Fans Wild

R&B singer Ashanti and soca boss Machel Montano heated up the internet this week with a new music video for their song collaboration “The Road.”

The two musicians linked up in February for Carnival 2019 at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Trinidad and Tobago and performed “The Road” for the first time ever. The single was produced by Travis World in January and apparently became a real hit with fans during Carnival events.

This week, Ashanti and Montano premiered their music video for their summer soca track, and fans couldn’t stop gawking at the “Rain On Me” singer’s curves. She posted the music clip to her Instagram Monday evening and added in her caption, “The Road Me & @machelmontano.”

Ashanti. @ashanti/Instagram

In the video, Ashanti sported a form-fitting colorful samba costume that revealed quite a bit of her assets, including her derriere. She was also spotted hitting up the streets with locals while cavorting in her Carnival getup. During one point of the video, she was even seen twerking on Montano while in booty shorts.

Fans keyed in on the singer’s shapely body and sexy moves.

“Gaahhhh ley Ashanti thicker den a mf 😮🔥. I swear I have a crush on this woman all over again♥️.”

“Ohhh @ashanti out here acting up up!! She putting that thang out there to see 👀. We see you!!! 🙌🏽”

“🔥 Natural beauty… natural talent and a natural beautiful body?!!! Marry me bae 😉😍.”

“Damn Ashanti is thick as hell 🤤 love me some of that woman.”

Montano and Ashanti’s music video was shot during multiple Carnival affairs on the island to get a glimpse of the “colors, the cultural expression, the celebrations, and the diverse people involved in these activities.”

Machel Montano and Ashanti. (Photo: @machelmontanothegoat/Instagram)

The Grammy Award-winning singer fully embraced the Trinidadian culture and said she enjoyed working with the soca artist.

“Machel and I had really good energy,” the “Happy” singer told Billboard during an interview published on Monday.

“It was my first soca record, and I wanted to make sure I was pronouncing everything correctly, not like I am trying too hard or like a Yankee. … My space in music where I live is mid-tempo, songs that tell stories, and soca is sped up 10 times compared to my records, so this was trying something out of the box, and it was a really cool feeling.”

As for Ashanti’s eye-catching curves, she told People magazine in April that she follows a strict health and fitness regime.

“I cut out a lot of meat,” she said. “I think again, self-health and self-awareness are so important. All of that stuff is so important to maintaining your body, knowing what’s in your food, the GMO’s and the chemicals, and I’m super aware of this stuff.”

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