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S.C. Deputy in Hot Water, On Suspension for Using Racial Slur on Social Media

A South Carolina deputy is on suspension after using a racial slur on his personal social media account, an incident the sherifff’s department has called an “error in judgment.”

In a statement, Jasper County Sheriff Chris Malphrus said the deputy’s comment was “uncalled for and inappropriate” and that disciplinary action would follow.

It’s unclear what slur was used or at whom it was directed.

S.C. Deputy

The sheriff’s officer described the deputy’s comments as (not depicted above) as “uncalled for and inappropriate.” (Photo: Getty Images)

“The deputy’s comment does not reflect the professionalism, integrity, and moral values of my personal or professional standards,” said Malphrus. “Disciplinary actions are being taken to ensure the deputy, and all deputies at the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, understand that these types of comments will not be tolerated and are completely unacceptable.”

On Thursday, the sheriff’s office released an official statement and an apology from the deputy in question, a 30-year veteran of the force.

“To the people of any race, sex, color, creed or religion that these words have offended I offer my most sincere and deep apology,” the statement read in part. “Knowing that these are just words on a piece of paper, I offer my most solemn promise to do my absolute best to rebuild the trust and respect that everyone deserves. I am truly disappointed in myself and my actions and will make every effort to correct my short comings and downfall.”

In his statement, the officer explained that he’s been bedridden for several weeks following a “fairly serious” car accident on June 18. After brooding for several days, the officer said he was finally afforded a “little relief from the monotony and the four walls.”

““Like millions of other people I posted a photograph on social media chronicling the adventure,” he said.”As a caption to that photograph I used a word that has been taken as a racial slur. Little did I know that this would cause the pain and loss of trust and respect that it has.

He added: “As the stepfather of two biracial children, I should’ve that using these words would be, not only socially unacceptable, but detrimental to my character, which I’ve worked very hard to build.”

Moving forward, Malphrus said the sheriff’s office will work hard to make sure this never happens again.

“We at Jasper County Sheriff’s Office put our heart and soul into our daily service to the citizens of Jasper,” he concluded.

Official Statement from Sheriff Malphrus Recently it was brought to my attention that a Jasper County Deputy, on his…

Posted by Jasper County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, July 25, 2019

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