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Kobe Bryant to Release a Series of Novels for Young Adults

Kobe Bryant is taking a shot at creating books for young adults.

It’s been recently announced the former NBA star will release a novel titled “Legacy and the Queen,” about a 12-year-old female tennis phenom that uses her special skills to save a magical kingdom called Nova.

Kobe Bryant is releasing his own novels for young adults. (Photo: Rich Fury / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

That book will be released on September 3 through Granity Studios, Bryant’s multimedia company.

Bryant gave fans a heads up about the novel in a July 19 Instagram post.

“This novel is a powerful coming-of-age tale and enchanting sports fantasy about finding your inner magic,” he wrote. “With the world turned against her and the orphanage at stake, Legacy has to learn to use her passion for the game to rise above those around her and shine.”

Bryant is set to release a second book titled “Epoca: The Tree of Ecof” on Nov. 12 about “two children from opposite sides of the tracks” who form an incredibly close bond to fight evil together.

Bryant came up with both stories that were each written by Annie Matthew, a former professional squash player before she began penning novels.

Back in November, it was reported the 40-year-old would be releasing a total of five books in 2019 and 2020.

It’s been over three years since the five-time NBA champ played his last professional hoop game, and since then he’s seemingly been focused on trying to make huge strides in other areas.

As he was preparing for retirement in 2014, Bryant reportedly spent $5.8 million on a multilevel office in Newport Beach, Calif., for Kobe Inc. — a company where he’s written commercials for Nike.

In March of 2018, Bryant won an Oscar Award for his animated short “Dear Basketball,” which is based on a poem he wrote in 2015 after announcing his retirement.

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