‘I Just Felt Naked’: Juanita Bynum Canceled Preaching Engagement After She Said Pastor Saw Her Underwear

Juanita Bynum, a famed pastor, author and gospel singer, said she felt so uncomfortable on Sunday that she wasn’t able to preach at a conference in Chesapeake, Virginia.

The event called “Breaking The Rules,” which took place at Experience Church, was hosted by Pastor John A. Moore. And Bynum said he entered her room without her permission when she wasn’t there, then saw her undergarments.

Juanita Bynum said she felt incredibly uncomfortable after a pastor saw her undergarments in her hotel room. (Photo: Taylor Hill / FilmMagic via Getty Images)

Bynum’s assistant lays her underwear and clothes out for the following day, which is why Moore saw them, and it troubled her deeply.

According to Bynum, the front desk receptionist of the Hilton hotel she was staying in let Moore into the room because he paid for it.

The receptionist later called Bynum’s assistant and asked if the undergarments were still laid out. The assistant then asked how the Hilton worker knew that, and that’s when that person admitted to letting Moore in.

“The fact that I’m getting ready to go and stand in somebody’s pulpit who’s seen my underwear, I’m sorry people, I just felt naked and I still do and just felt so violated,” said Bynum Sunday on Facebook Live. “And what he said was he came in my room to put something in my room.”

“As a male, why would you come into my room? Why didn’t you send your wife into my room?” she added. “And his wife has profusely apologized to me but people of God this, some things are just distasteful. Some things you just don’t cross the lines for.”

Bynum also blasted the hotel and said just because Moore used his credit card to secure her room, it doesn’t give him the right to have a key. And Bynum didn’t like that Moore said he had no idea why she didn’t preach on Sunday.

“As for the reason I did not show up at the church tonight, it’s like I’m standing up there preaching knowing that you know what I have on underneath my dress,” she explained. “I don’t know, maybe we’re living in this modern day of Christendom, maybe the millennials are on some kinda drugs, but where I come from and the way I was raised, that’s just too private.”

You can see the entirety of Bynum’s video below.

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