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‘That Pinky Toe Took Its Own Pose’: Ciara’s Twinning Pic With Daughter Si Si Flops When Fans Notice Her Feet

Ciara was enjoying a little fun in the sun with her mini-me Sienna this weekend, but the mommy-daughter photo op was derailed by fans who couldn’t help but to zero in on the singer’s feet.

On Saturday, the R&B songstress shared a photo of herself and her toddler daughter chilling poolside in matching red, leopard print swim suits with the caption: “Girls ❤️. #GirlGang #Girls.” The photo, which racked up over 900,000 likes on Instagram, melted hearts across social media.


Ciara’s post celebrating a mommy-daughter day at the pool was derailed when critics attacked her over her feet. (Photo: Instagram / @Ciara)

“Awww ❤️,” one user commented.

“Twinning, Dripping & Queening With Mama 😂😂😂 So Cute, Beautiful,” another chimed in.

“Omfg, now I want a daughter! ” wrote another.

While some gushed over the adorable post, others quickly took notice of Ciara’s silver polished toes — and clowned her over them.

“Damn Cici got sum long ass feet😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ijs,” one fan wrote. “I love u doh.”

“Them feet ain’t it aunty😂😂,” another chimed in.

“Damn HER FEET 😩😂😂,” someone else added.

One critic joked: “I would talk about her feet, but that would be a long story.”

“Yoo, that pinky toe look crazy,” one fan opined, another adding: “That pinky toe took its own pose.”

The “Level Up” singer shot to fame in the early 2000s and is best known for her impressive dance moves. In May, Ciara mesmerized fans with her high-energy performance of her new single “Thinkin’ Bout You” at the Billboard Music Awards 2019, a performance many said evoked none other than pop star Janet Jackson.

“Ya’ know, I just have so much respect for her,” the singer once said of Jackson. “She truly is, to me, the best to ever do it when it comes to entertainment.”

On Instagram, fans jumped to defend the 33-year-old from the haters, arguing that Ciara’s “dancer feet” were probably worth much more than any of her naysayers had in the bank.

“Cici’s feet are worth millions,” one fan commented. “I wish people would post a screenshot of their bank account before commenting so we can really discuss some tingz.”

“When you are confident and beautiful, you don’t filter out a flaw that you may have,” one fan wrote in response to a critic who asked why CiCi’s feet were’t cropped out of the photo. “You embrace every part of you because you know you the s— regardless!!!

“She’s a dancer,” they added. “she knows her feet won’t be perfect but her dance moves are tho 🤪”

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