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‘Fine as Fawk’: Ashanti Sexily Struts on Camera and Leaves the Internet Drooling

Grammy Award-winning singer Ashanti is apparently becoming more of a sex symbol by the minute with her thirst-trapping Instagram feed.

The “Good Good” singer’s social media feed is filled with sexy and NSFW photos of herself in bikinis and swimsuits flaunting her natural-given curves. She also recently released her first swimwear collection with PrettyLittleThing, which clearly required her to shoot a few enticing images for promotional use.

Sunday morning, Ashanti took to Instagram and posted a clip of herself strutting down an outside walkway in green snakeskin swimwear and a cowgirl hat from her newly released PrettyLittleThing collection. She appeared to be heading to the set of her photo shoot with the online boutique.

Ashanti. @ashanti/Instagram

“Ya know she’s a pretty little thing. … Exotic and all that,” she said to the the cameraman while swaying her hips from side to side holding a cigar.

Ashanti captioned the video with a shrug emoji and it received a total of 447,371 viewers as of Monday morning.

“Fine as fawk 😍! Now turn around we tryna see what the back look like πŸ™πŸΎ.”

“Dammmm she look good ❀️ can u make a rington with just your laugh.”

“Yasssssssss πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜ show them how it’s done hunttyyy πŸ”₯ sis got more body than all your faves.”

“That walk though 😍😍 and that outfit is cute as s–t. U did that hunny.”

Ashanti’s swimsuit collection features metallics, snake and tropical prints, with some inspired by her trips to the Carribbean.

“I travel around the world to so many tropical places,” she told BET in June, two dates before her collections’ launch. “I wanted pieces that felt exotic and global. The Amazon meets the Carribean. I wanted pieces that would empower women.”

Ashanti shows off in swimsuits. (Photo: @ashanti/Instagram)

Her swimwear line consists of 74 interchangeable pieces and ranges from sizes 0 to 26. The singer said she wanted women of all shapes and size to feel confident wearing the garments.

“This collection is for everyone” she exclaimed. “The confident girl, the sassy girl, the classy girl, the sexy girl, the turn up girl … the girl that doesn’t follow the crowd but stands out in the crowd.”

The “Unfoolish” singer came up with the collection with the help of her little sister, Shia Douglas, who was the creative director and designer behind the line.

“Coming from a background in design and fashion, I know the importance of duality,” Douglas added. “Swimsuit looks with interchangeable outerwear was very important to me. I thought about all the unique personalities of women β€” I thought of girl trips!”

Ashanti’s swimwear line launched in July 1 and is currently available online.
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