‘I’m Right Here’: Meek Mill Reaches Out to Producer Who’s Beat Went Viral for a Collaboration

You never know who’s watching, which is why you can never give up on your art.

Just ask a producer who uses the Twitter handle @DJTRACKADDICT. Because earlier this week, someone shared a video of him on Twitter making a beat and punching the drum pads masterfully.

The instrumental has a catchy soul sample of Heather Headley’s “In My Mind,” the producer chops up effortlessly, as well as a base drum and snare that hit ridiculously hard. Think early Kanye West, mixed in with a little Just Blaze and DJ Premier for good measure.

Eventually, both the beat and the video went viral, and it caught the attention of Meek Mill, who loved it. But instead of giving the producer a mere compliment and sending him on his way, the Philly rapper said he wanted to work with him.

“Where is [this] guy at,” tweeted Mill on Wednesday. “The game needs you … I had 1000s of people @ me in this. Now where is it?”

The producer responded to the rapper on the same day.

“I’m right here G,” he tweeted back.

Mill then invited him to the studio to create some new magic with him.

“Come to the kitchen and let’s cook,” wrote the DreamChaser. “You got more of this type [fire]?”

Then before Mill and the producer connected, the rapper wrote a song to the viral beat and shared some of the lyrics on Twitter. He also called the song he’s working on #Freemeek,” which touches on his longtime legal battle.

Mill has been on probation since 2008 and has recently spent much of his time fighting for criminal justice reform.

“It’s deceiving when they give you probation you think you leaving / But in get technical when they giving violations for even breathing / I took my pen and pad and turned it into businesses / This ain’t no cap I used to trap now my business lids / Now I can’t tell you mind ya business cause my business is / Really on ya mind where ya fitted is,” he wrote Wednesday.

Mill also shared a clip of his voice over the producer’s beat.

Plus, the whole time the rapper was commenting on the instrumental, Twitter lit up with all kinds of comments and people expressed how much they loved what happened to the producer.

“Damn. Stuff like this makes me so happy,” someone wrote. “I bet ole boy had no idea his sh-t would go viral AND actually yield the opportunities that it already has in just one day.”

“With talent like that, I’m not surprised he went viral. Talent and being authentic will always get you far regardless,” another person chimed in.


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