‘I Will Always Be In Support of Him’: Taye Diggs Explains Why He Stands Behind Jussie Smollett

Taye Diggs said he won’t turn his back on Jussie Smollett because he considers him a true friend.

Smollett’s career has seemingly nosedived since he was arrested and accused of staging an attack in Chicago earlier this year. He’s maintained his innocence but was let go from his show “Empire” before its sixth and final season.

Smollett has also been blasted by some of his fellow celebrities who seem convinced that he’s being untruthful, including Naturi Naughton, who at first posted a photo of him when he reported the attack, but in March said he should be “canceled.”

But Diggs said he’ll continue to befriend Smollett regardless of public opinion.

“He’s my boy and I will always be in support of him and that’s that,” explained Diggs, who played on “Empire” during the third season. “It’s a very interesting time today. All I know is that you need to be a friend, and a friend isn’t a friend only when things are great, that isn’t what a friend is, that’s a fan.”

Diggs also revealed that he and Smollett have been trying to find the right project to collaborate on, and the “Best Man” actor gushed about how talented he is.

“We’ve been texting,” he stated. “We are trying to find something we can work on together, because people have no idea how talented that boy is, young man. So selfishly I want to get some of that, so we got to figure that out.”

Meanwhile, Smollett’s siblings Jake and Jazz Smollett stopped by “People Now,” and said despite the scandal their brother has plenty of work on the horizon.

“He’s got a lot in the works,” stated Jazz Smollet. “There’s some stuff to come.”

She also said her brother is still “Standing in his truth.”

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