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R. Kelly Denied Bond After Prosecutors Say He’s Still a Danger To Young Girls

R. Kelly learned during a bond hearing in Chicago on Tuesday that he’ll have to remain behind bars.

He’s been in custody since he was arrested on federal sex trafficking charges last week. And the Assistant U.S. Attorney Angel Krull argued that he’s not only a flight risk but a danger to the community, particularly to young girls. Kelly pleaded not guilty to the charges after he was brought out in shackles.

Additionally, prosecutors claimed Kelly has a history of trying to obstruct justice and said because of his celebrity status he has a “unique ability to influence and intimidate witnesses and victims.” They also said he’s able to “entice girls to his own doorstep.”

Kelly’s lawyer Steven Greenberg then rebutted those points and said his client isn’t a flight risk because he’s surrendered his passport, doesn’t like to fly and has no money to travel.

He also said the 52-year-old has never missed a court date and shouldn’t be kept in jail because his celebrity status makes it unfairly difficult for him. Plus, Greenberg argued that Kelly’s inability to read or write makes it hard for him to go over his legal strategies while he’s behind bars.

But the judge disagreed with the lawyer’s reasoning and said the seriousness of the charges necessitate a presumption of detention. He then said Kelly had to remain locked up without bond.

After the decision came down, Greenberg gave a few details of his client’s jail stay and said he’s currently away from general population.

“He’s in 24-a-day solitary confinement essentially, it’s the hole,” he told reporters. “Because that’s the safest place for them to house him. It’s not his fault. No TV, no anything, no contact with other people. It’s largely inhumane.”

On July 11 Kelly was hit with a 13-count indictment in Chicago, which include the charges of child pornography, enticement of a child and obstruction of justice. He also received a five-count indictment in the Eastern District of New York and still has to see a judge in that state.

Plus, the fallen singer was slapped with 10 counts of sexual abuse in Chicago back in February and was charged with 11 separate felony sexual misconduct counts in May, also in Chicago.

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