‘You Look Desperate’: Nene Leakes’ Thirst Trap IG Post Quickly Goes Left With Fans

A sexy photo Nene Leakes took between shots for her clothing boutique had fans feeling all the wrong kinds of feels.

The star of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” uploaded a shot Saturday where she appeared to be in the middle of getting dressed as she sat in the fitting room of Swagg Boutique in the Atlanta suburb of Duluth, Georgia. As the star pulled the top of her jumpsuit over her ample bosom, she gazed seductively into the camera.

nene leakes

The photo promptly spurred less-than-favorable comments on Instagram.

“What in the ENTIRE hell is going on here 😳😳 if you don’t put yo gah damn clothes back on 😂”

“No one wants to see this. Not a one.”

“This looks out of character for u nene.”

“There’s nothing sexy about Nene. I need her to focus on being classy and fabulous and leave sexy for someone else.”

“Come on you old bag stop trying to be young again its just not happening you look desperate lol oh I forgot you are.”

The image, however, appears to have been posted by mistake. After it was deleted, Leakes posted a different photo, which was followed by two others that saw her fully dressed in the same outfit.

“Is this better fo ya! She bad either way #swaggboutique swaggboutiqueonline.com PS: it takes up to much time to post and post the right thing! I can’t chile 😩,” she wrote in the caption of the amended post.

In the comments section, fans seemed much more pleased by what they saw.

“Definitely the One. Absolutely Beautiful Queen.”

“You got taste, class and natural beauty. You’re Royalty.”

“Beautiful either way nene! But sometimes you have to give us a little spice. Should’ve kept the other picture as well as this one. 😍😏🥰”

Of course, not every time Leakes puts her body on display it goes so badly.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Leakes showed off her thick yet firm figure as she posed in a cut-out black monokini, which she also rocked last year.


“U get it girl! U look so damn good! I’m having problems with my phone I apologize, but I wanted to get everything I wanted to say! Ur on fire Mamasita!! 🔥🔥 🔥”

“You’re are looking like you are in your thirties…love you ..keep doing what you are doing chile.👏👏👏🥰”

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