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‘Stop Being So Bitter’: Sherri Shepherd Blasted By Her Ex For Saying She Married Him Out of Loneliness

Late last month, Sherri Shepherd talked about her marriage and divorce to her ex Lamar Sally on “The D.L. Hughley Show,” whom she split from in 2014.

The comedian said several people warned her not to marry the television writer, people like Steve Harvey and Barbara Walters, but she wouldn’t listen.

Hughley also called Sally a “sorry-ass dude” during the conversation, which Shepherd didn’t disagree with. Plus, Shepherd claimed to have married Sally because she was “lonely and horny” when she was a co-host on “The View.”

Sally has since responded to the interview in a letter published by TMZ, and he told his ex to stop sullying his name. He also also rebutted her claims that she didn’t marry him out of love.

“Over the last five years I have endured you going on numerous talk shows lying about my character,” he wrote. “You’ve trolled me on social media and dating websites, you’ve stopped me from getting television writing jobs, you use me and LJ in your comedy act where you tell people where we live and what kind of car I drive.”

“I’ve forgiven you because I know of the trauma you suffered in your childhood but enough is enough,” added Sally. “I will not have you lie that the only reason you married me and brought our son into the world was because you were lonely or horny. We had a good marriage and our son was conceived out of love from both parents.”

Sally also accused Shepherd of abandoning the child she had with him through surrogate, Lamar Sally Jr., who was born in 2014. The child was delivered after the former couple already parted ways, and Shepherd was ordered to pay $41,000 per month.

But now she’s no longer in the child’s life, according to reports, which Sally criticized her for.

“Now subsequently you’ve chosen to abandon him but that’s between you and your God,” he wrote. “One day soon he’s going to be able to surf the internet and see all the things you’ve said. Please don’t traumatize him anymore than what you’ve already done. Go back to therapy and work on the real issues that is plaguing you and leave us alone … and stop being so bitter.”

Shepherd hasn’t responded yet, neither on Instagram or Twitter. She’s actually been busy promoting an upcoming comedy show on social media that will take place in New Orleans on Friday, July 5.

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