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‘Disgusting’: Black Patrons Allegedly Profiled, Booted From New Jersey Bar Over Durags, Headscarf

An African American woman is speaking out after she and a group of friends were allegedly profiled while dining at a local bar. In a series of tweets, Twitter user @ninoshkka16 described the moments that led to herself and the guys she was with being booted from The Crosby in Montclair, New Jersey. @ninoshkka16 said all was well until a general manager approached and asked them to leave because one of her friends was wearing a scarf, and another had on a durag.

The Crosby

Twitter user @ninoshkka16 said she and her friends were kicked out of a New Jersey bar after challenging its racist dress code policy. (@ninoshkka16 / Twitter video screenshot)

According to the manager, headgear is against bar policy. But @ninoshkka quickly pointed out that there were plenty of folks at the bar who had on hats and other head pieces. She shared video of the incident, showing her in a war of words with a manager, who threatened to get the bouncers to escort them out. Initially, the manager told @ninoshkka16 he had “plenty of Black’ friends to prove he wasn’t racist, but soon became more aggressive after she questioned the bar’s dress code policy.

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The young woman said eventually, “3 big ass white security” guards came over and intimidated them into leaving the restaurant.

“We did not deserve to be treated like this,” she wrote. “No black body deserves to be treated like this. Not surprising but absolutely disgusting.”

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The Twitter user declined to comment further on the matter, telling Atlanta Black Star that the group has suffered harassment from bar staff and now feel “extremely unsafe.”

Watch more in the video below. 

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