Watch: African-American Woman Confronts White Spirit Airlines Passenger Who Allegedly Refused to Sit Next to Her

An African-American woman was left begging fellow passengers for somewhere to sit on a Spirit Airlines flight after a white woman refused to let the Black woman be seated beside her, an objection she believes was racially motivated. Tiarra Tiarra, as she’s identified on Facebook, took to the social media site to share details of the disheartening incident, saying the woman, whom she described as Russian, objected to a flight attendant’s efforts to seat Tiarra in the vacant seat next to her.

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In an audio-less video posted to Facebook, Tiarra confronts the woman after disembarking the flight. She said the woman issued a “bogus” apology, and that her excuse was that she was under the impression that no one would be sitting next to her on the Vegas to Detroit flight.

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“Mind you she allowed the young white college student to sit next to her with no issue,” Tiarra wrote in a separate post. “Immediately after we landed she rushed off requesting a supervisor to complain to because the passenger were booing her and calling her a racist. She said her not letting me sit down had nothing to do with me being black but simply because she thought the seat was going to be empty.”

Spirit Airlines

Passenger Tiarra Tiarra blasted Spirit Airlines staff for making her move elsewhere after a white passenger objected to sitting next to her. (Tiarra Tiarra / Facebook screenshot)

Watch more in the video below.

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