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WATCH: Video Shows Impatient Woman Spit at Passenger After Launching Into Racist Rant on Spirit Airlines

A Spirit Airlines passenger apparently lost her cool during a Las Vegas flight this week and was caught on video hurling racist abuse at an older woman who wasn’t moving fast enough for her liking.

Courtney Potter filmed the moment she says the woman grew angry at another woman for taking too long to move out of her way as they deplaned. Potter, who lives in Oregon, was one of many passengers waiting to do a layover at McCarran International Airport in Vegas.

“As we landed, we were deboarding, but they hadn’t opened the doors yet, and she was getting very angry,” Potter told KTNV News. “She was trying to walk against the flow of traffic.”

The woman began shouting, she said, and proceeded to rant for the next several minutes. That’s when Potter took out her phone to record.

“Weirdo! You’re a weirdo!” the woman is heard shouting at someone off screen. “I don’t give a f–k.”

“Knock it off! Knock it off!” a fellow passenger yells back.

“[The woman] had pushed an older woman in front of us, and then, a lady that was sitting next to me said, ‘Hey, stop this. You can’t do that,” said Potter, who only captured about 30 seconds of the heated exchange. “Then [she] spat her face.”

KTNV spoke with psychologist Aaron Williams about the incident, which he called a clear example of people walking around with a “fuse that’s ready to explode at any time.”

In a statement, Spirit Airlines said the incident is under investigation and that it plans to ban the passenger in question once they identify who she is.

Watch more in the video below.

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