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‘Go Off’: Social Media War Erupts Between ‘LHH’ stars Masika Kalysha and Akbar V Over Cucumber Craze

The cucumber challenge is creating quite a stir on social media and many celebrities have weighed on the topic with mixed opinions.

For those who aren’t aware of what the new Internet trend is, it’s videos of women mimicking fellatio with a cucumber. Celebrities like Kashdoll, Reginae Carter, Sammie, Masika Kalysha and many more have called this fad extremely “degrading,” while others like Amber Rose aren’t down with folks shaming these women, advising people to get their “throat game up.”

Masika Kalysha
Masika Kalysha (left) and Akbar V (right). @masikakalysha @akbar_v/Instagram

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” newcomer Akbar V. seemed to agree with Rose’s sentiment, seeing as she apparently made one of her own, claiming that the cucumber challenge was no worse than twerking. She then personally called out rapper Kashdoll, whom she later apologized to, for supposedly encouraging women in her songs to have sex with men for money. She also pettily reposted one of Kalysha’s posts that showed her dancing half naked in a thong on her birthday. She accused the former “LHHH” star of having a baby by rapper Fetty Wap after he allegedly told her to have an abortion.

Masika Kalysha
Akbar V. Reposts Masika Kalysha’s half naked photo on her page. @akbar_v @theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram

The “Queen of Petty,” aka Kalysha, of course clapped back with a video of her own poking fun at Akbar’s weight, singing Black Dave’s song “Go Big Girl.”

She then added, “Who are you? Who called you? Why are you here? … I don’t pay attention to you or know anything about you. All I know is I don’t know where your children are just like you don’t know where they are. … Bt why are you mad at me?”

The reality stars continued to go tit-for-tat with each other over the next few hours. In one of Akbar’s last posts, she claimed she was going to “slap the f–k out” of Kalysha when they see each other. Kalysha however isn’t backing down from the “LHHATL” star, blasting her for losing custody of her five children and gain clout off of her popularity.

Masika Kalysha
Masika accuses akbar of trying to gain fame off of her. @masikakalysha/Twitter

“I’m SICKa these bums wit 100k followers tryna beef wit me 😂,” she tweeted Tuesday morning. “That’s a big LOSE for me! U tryna get MY attention, you tryna catch MY wave. Where the Bitch wit 10 mill followers that wanna make up a fake clout beef? Let’s go sis! Fuck it I’m bout to make up a beef wit blak chyna 😂.”

Social media has had mixed reactions to both the “LHH” stars’ squabble.

“I can’t lie, Akbar speaking straight facts 😩 What does Masika even do for a living???? she a wholeee as joke i cnt 😭.”

“Go off suh! Akbar should be focussing on get her children and making sure they are all together and in a good space… Im wit @masikakalysha #CloutChasing. Akbar wanna come up off someone else’s name!”

“Maiksa should have minded her business 😂😂cuz she’s definitely a hoe herself.”

“How is either of them any different then the other they both hoes and sleep around 😂.”

“Let’s go! Akbar funny idc Masika is a hoe and think she better than everybody.”
Masika Kalysha and Akbar V. going back and forth. @hollywoodunlocked/Instagram
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