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‘She’s Disgusting’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Drag Sky Days for Tossing Drink at 9MAG Employee

This week’s episode of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” was wild, to say the least.

The two worlds of “Black Ink Crew” New York and Chicago collided on Tuesday night’s episode after 9MAG employee Phor Brumfield announced he had a special guest coming to the brand’s Miami event. His special guest happened to be the rambunctious Sky Days, who is the human resource manager of “Black Ink” New York.

Days made quite an entrance into the 9MAG event, twirling, yelling, clapping — the typical Sky Days way, according to fans. Nevertheless, not everybody was there for her over-the-top mannerisms, especially Ryan Henry‘s new tattoo artist Jet.

While sitting at a table behind Henry and his 9MAG crew, Days made a joke about them looking like “some drunk a– mutherf–kers.” While they tried to apparently laugh off the New York native’s gibe, Jet seemed a little annoyed by her boisterous presence, making all sorts of facial expressions. Days clearly noticed Jet’s demeanor and called him out on it.

Sky Days
Sky Days and Jet from Black Ink Crew Chicago. (Photos: @vh1 screen grabs)

“Mutherf–ker make your face if you want to, I’ll get you fired. Don’t play with me,” Days screamed.

Jet challenged her to do so, and seconds later all viewers saw was Days throwing a whole drink at him and hitting him in the head. Luckily for her, the 9MAG artist kept his cool and remained unfazed by her behavior.

Literally moments later, Days settled down and told Henry she was going through a “depressing time.” The 9MAG owner appeared quite confused, seeing as the altercation had happened only “six minutes ago.”

Although Days eventually apologized to Jet, “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers had several mixed reactions.

“She’s disgusting! He should’ve knocked her ass clean out! She make it so hard to like her smh this is not cute 🤦‍.”

“He held his temper 👏🏾👏🏾 I’m so against men putting they hands on women but at that point he every right to lay hands on her and he still chose to keep calm. She needs help.”

“Oh s–t!! she is crazy and I live and love all of it 🤣🤷🏽‍ I love sky but i wlda been in jail.”

“What type of head he got? 😭 She hit him right in the hat lol i woulda had to Get up smh lol she trippn but he shouldn’t been makin all dem damn facial expressions .”

“Wild af! Sky u Need to stop it ur too old acting worse than children throwing stuff like that bring back real TV please drop these reality shows.”

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