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‘Beauty and Brains’: Megan Thee Stallion Gets Praised for Still Being in College After Blowing Up

Megan Thee Stallion can easily be called one of rap’s hottest newcomers, but that doesn’t mean she’s giving up her schooling.

On Thursday the 24-year-old posted an Instagram message about being a student at Texas Southern University, pursuing a degree in health administration. She also shared a throwback photo of herself on campus and revealed that she’s still taking classes.

@theestallion Instagram

“I miss being on campus lol I think I’ll start regular classes again in the fall 😂 (for those who don’t kno I had to start online classes since I started getting so busy),” she wrote.

Some might be surprised that Stallion is still in school, because besides having a huge buzz, her debut album “Fever,” released in May, grabbed the No. 10 spot on the Billboard 200 charts. She’s also booked solid as far as show appearances go.

In fact, according to Ticketmaster, Stallion will be on the road for the next sixth months and that’s not counting whatever radio and TV dates she has.

After the rapper shared news about still being in school, people gave her a lot of credit for it.

“We love a woman who can do it all! 👏🏾,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“I love it 😍😍 keep it up. Beauty and brains 💙,” wrote another.

“I appreciate you for showing this side of you that most rappers won’t show,” a third person commented. “Praying you continue to shed light on the importance of education.”

In a 2018 interview with Billboard, Stallion — who said she wants to open assisted living facilities after graduation — explained how she juggles it all.

“At first, I’m not going to lie, it was kind of easy, because I wasn’t so booked,” she explained. “I only have to go to school two days out of the week, but I’m there all day long. But now that I have something to do almost every day, it is pretty difficult. So I’m just doing my best. I’m trying to tell my classmates, ‘Look, y’all, send me my homework.'”

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