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‘Daddy’s Lil Girl but Mommy’s Twin’: Fans say Kaavia James is Looking More Like Her Mother Gabrielle Union

Kaavia James is the miracle baby girl to retired NBA player Dwyane Wade and award-winning actress Gabrielle Union. Fans have been awwing at Kaavia since her birth on Nov. 7, 2018, following the couple’s surrogate’s C-section.

The 7-month-old continues to take the spotlight on her parent’s social media accounts, but Kaavia has her own official Instagram account run by her parents. On June 19, Wade posted a heart-warming photo of his daughter, aka “Shady Baby,” holding his chin as the two posed for a selfie while in Cannes, France.

“God bless his lil heart. Lower your voice he’s easily startled 😐👼🏾,” the caption read before the hashtag #shadybaby. With over 200,000 likes, fans took to her comments to give their thoughts that Kaavia is looking more like her mother Union.


“She’s looking more like her mommy,” one fan wrote.

“Wade faces he’s in love with his beautiful twin who will morph into mama😍,” another fan wrote.

“ She is starting to look like mommy! She may be daddy’s lil girl but mommy’s twin!!!

While some fans are convinced that baby Kaavia is looking just like her mother, some fans still believe that she is her daddy’s twin.


“She looks just like her dad. How beautiful. I see she loves touching his face. 😍 Too adorable.”

“He so in love with his twin 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️❤️😍😍😍.”

Recently, Wade posted a video of his daughter on June 8 attempting to crawl while he gives her words of encouragement. 

“There you go. Come on,” he tells her. Wade then places her sippy bottle on the ground so that she can crawl to it. “Come on. I know. There you go,” he says, as Kaavia makes crying sounds. “You trying. Yeah, that’s OK. You got it, big girl.”

Then the theme music for the “Rocky” films begin to play when it appears that Kaavia has more motivation to move. Wade sticks his hand out and tells his daughter to “come to Daddy.”  

Union also provided a caption to her daughter pushing to crawl.

“Growth isn’t always easy. There might be tears. There might be tumbles. Keep going. Hold on. We are rooting for you. We gotcha,” wrote the actress.

“In other news, I’ve fallen in love with @dwyanewade again and again and moments like this 🤗🥰💪🏾👼🏾❤❤❤ @kaaviajames.”

Union followers chimed in on the video that made them emotional.

“This just made me cry .. so stinking cute 😭😻. Beautiful. 🙏🏾,” one person wrote.

“Kaav’s eyes when she finally connects with Dad’s hand and looks up at him 😭❤️,” someone else commented.

“Yoooo This is so dope! And that music kicked in at the perfect time 😂I’m motivated…anybody else?” another person asked.

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