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‘Get Over Yourself’: La La Anthony Comes Under Fire For Allegedly Keeping Carmelo Anthony Away From Love Child

A big social media debate took place on Father’s Day, and it involved Carmelo Anthony, his wife of nine years La La Anthony, and Mia Angel Burks, the woman whom Melo is accused of fathering a child with while still married.

Word is, the baby was the reason the Anthonys split for about a year before they reunited. Carmelo Anthony hasn’t publicly acknowledged the child, but Burks seemingly blasted him in the past for not defending her on social media.

“Her father may not defend her, but I will ‘till the end,” she wrote in November of 2018 when people were discussing her daughter on Instagram. “She didn’t ask to be here, and it doesn’t matter how she got here, she’s here.”

The Father’s Day debate began after someone suggested that Mrs. Anthony wouldn’t allow her husband to spend time with his rumored love child. On one side, some said the actress was within her right to make that call since Melo allegedly cheated. But others said the child shouldn’t be the one to suffer.

“You a petty ass b-tch if you can’t accept a baby,” one woman tweeted about the “Power” star. “B-tch get over yourself and let him raise his child.”

“So ppl mad at Lala because she won’t accept Carmelo’s bastard child even tho she still married to him,” another person wrote. “I feel like she shouldn’t have to because he didn’t come into the marriage with that child and her vows was to him and not that child.”

Another person said if La La decided to reunite with her husband, she should’ve made peace with his rumored kid because they’re a package deal now.

“If she can’t accept Carmelo’s other baby then she should have never taken him back,” one person commented. “If you forgave him then you need to forgive all of him. lala’s son has a sister now whether she likes it or not.”

“I’m a firm believer in a child is not at fault for how they come about but this baby is not Lala’s problem,” someone else wrote. “It’s Carmelo’s. If he really wants to be a real father he’ll make it happen so his kids can connect.”

Plus there was one person who said neither La La or Carmelo Anthony have an obligation to the baby.

“This is why you have a baby by your OWN man and not someone else’s own,” that person commented. “Lala does not owe that child nothing and Carmelo is NOT obligated to be in the child’s life (even though it’s the right thing to do). But I hope they can come together and make it work for that baby.”

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