‘Oh Lawd’:Toya Wright’s ‘Timeless Beauty’ Leaves Fans Bedazzled

T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family” actress Toya Wright is leaving social media amazed at her young look.

People often comment on Wright’s striking beauty, but it’s her girlish looks that have folks head over heels. She took to her Instagram Tuesday evening and posted a photo promoting her “Before Bed Headz” bonnet line.

“The ‘Pink Rush’ collection is in! πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž #pinkrushweek #bonnetbling” her caption read.

The image featured the 36-year-old mother of two propped up on the couch with her legs crossed, wearing a pink embroidered hair bonnet from her line, and a pink floral robe. She apparently opted for a natural sun-kissed makeup look that accentuated her natural beauty.

Toya Wright
Toya Wright. @toyawright/Instagram

Fans pointed out how girlish the star appeared and marveled over her mien.

“So young lookin 😍😍 girl we need to know your secret for looking this good.”

“OLAWD!!!! Even with the shower cap …. Queen of the Supa Hot πŸ”₯ truly confident!.”

“You’re a timeless beauty indeed Toya u look yunger every time πŸ’—.”

“Omg I just can’t have enough of you toya 😍 you just so beautiful.”

One thing contributing to Wright’s apparent youthful appearance seems to be her healthy lifestyle change.

She recently announced on Twitter Thursday morning that she’d undergone a “No Sugar Challenge” and trashed all junk food inside her home. Within just a few days of eating no sugar, she said she’s seen a huge difference in her body.

Toya Wright

“I see a big difference in my body in 4 days of eating healthy and working out,” she tweeted. “I been going crazy without my snacks but seeing the results is all worth it! #day4 #nosugarchallenge #wegotthis #wnm.”

It appears the star has lost weight, especially since setting a weight loss goal of 15 pounds earlier this year. During a recent episode of β€œFriends and Family Hustle” she and boo Robert “Red” Rushing talked about making health and fitness a priority for them this year while showing off their intense workout sessions with fitness trainer Kory Phillips.

The couple worked out on the cable machines with pull-downs, crossovers, rowing and curls. They also used squat machines and bosu balls for balance.

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