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‘Tall, Stunning & Elegant’: Naomi Campbell Proves Age Is Just a Number as She Sets Tongues Wagging With Nude Pic at 49

A new photo Naomi Campbell uploaded to Instagram has firmly reminded everyone why she is considered a supermodel.

The runway queen has a photo spread in the newest issue of British Vogue and shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the shoot with fans Thursday.

“First drop of Golden Hour 🌅 BTS in Kenya for @britishvogue July 2019 🇰🇪 #NAOMIAFRICA,” the 49-year-old model captioned the nearly nude pic. Campbell was pretty much totally bare save for a set of waist beads as she stood in the sands of an unspecified area of Kenya.

naomi campbell
Naomi Campbell. (Photo: @naomi/Instagram)

Followers of the star who glimpsed the photo could not help but praise the model’s look.

“🔥🔥🔥 Tall, Stunning & Elegant 💯 #lovetheblackness🖤”

“This is so freaking gorgeous like wow 🔥🔥🔥🔥”

“I really like your shape…you must be sweet girl😍”

“Oh ok I see you 👀👀👀”

It’s a very different photo from the ones that made it into the online article about how Campbell has come to love her body. The photos accompanying that piece show the English star in bikini bottoms and multi-colored, sleeved tops.

Yet it is a sign of how much confidence she’s gained in her figure — something she admits she did not always have.

“Growing up, I never felt at ease in my skin,” she said in the feature. “At school, people would call me names like Olive Oyl or Twigs, and I felt awkward and inadequate. …When I started modeling, I didn’t know how to pose, so I would do what I had trained to do: move as though I was performing classical ballet, or jump and leap about in front of the camera.”

Campbell said that even when she wore jeans as she was out and about she’d tie a cardigan around her waist so as not to “feel exposed.” However, the star has now come to terms with her looks and she said that has a lot to do with her headspace.

“It’s taken me a long time to feel right in my body – it’s something that has come with age, and has really only happened over the past few years. My mentality has played a big part in that journey, and working out has helped because it strengthens my mind, too — I’m not trying to become a muscle woman but, for me, the two things come as a package,” she said.

“For me, it’s all connected — I need a healthy body for a healthy mind and a healthy spirit. I know that what comes from within is projected outwards,”
she concluded.

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