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‘So Stinkin’ Cute’: Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s Baby Girl Melts Hearts As She Learns To Crawl

In his 16-year NBA career Dwyane Wade has received a lot of cheers, but in a newly posted video he was doing the cheerleading for his daughter Kaavia, otherwise known as “Shady Baby.”

The clip starts with Kaavia attempting to crawl and Wade giving her some positive reinforcement. “There you go. Come on,” he tells her.

Kaavia then moves a bit forward and to provide even more encouragement, the recently retired hoop star places her sippy bottle on the ground so she could crawl right to it.

“Come on. I know. There you go,” he says, as the baby makes crying sounds. “You trying. Yeah, that’s OK. You got it, big girl.”

After that, out of nowhere, the theme music for the “Rocky” movies begin to play, just when Kaavia seems to give more effort.

Wade sticks his hand out from there and tells his daughter to “come to Daddy.” She then gives it one last push and puts her tiny little hand out to reach her father’s.

The Instagram video was posted by the future Hall of Famer’s wife Gabrielle Union on June 8, and she also provided a caption.

“Growth isnt always easy. There might be tears. There might be tumbles. Keep going. Hold on. We are rooting for you. We gotchu,” wrote the actress.
“In other news, I’ve fallen in love with @dwyanewade again and again and moments like this 🤗🥰💪🏾👼🏾❤❤❤ @kaaviajames.”

Union’s followers also weighed in on the clip and said it made them emotional.

“This just made me cry .. so stinkin cute 😭😻. Beautiful. 🙏🏾,” one person wrote.

“Kaav’s eyes when she finally connects with Dad’s hand and looks up at him 😭❤️,” someone else commented.

“Yoooo This is so dope! and that music kicked in at the perfect time 😂I’m motivated…anybody else?” another person asked.

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