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‘Yuck’: Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s Vacay Post Goes Left When Fans Notice Former NBA Star’s Haircut

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are quite the social media couple, often updating fans on their professional lives, their relationship and being parents to daughter Kaavia.

On Monday, Union shared a photo of herself and Wade vacationing in Greece, which many people had nice things to say about. But there were a good number of folks who roasted Wade for his haircut, which consisted of baby twists on top of a fade.

Gabrielle Union (posted a photo of herself and Dwyane Wade, and Wade got clowned for his haircut. (Photo: @gabunion Instagram)

“Girl, I’m still trying to deal with that hair,” someone wrote under Union’s post. “Is Wade on some contest that we don’t know of? 👀🤔😜 @kaaviajames we need an intervention!”

“Those braids tho. Ain’t he 50 something?? Yuck,” another person commented.

“Your hair ain’t popping Dwayne,” a third person wrote.

There were also those who said after playing so many years in the NBA, Wade’s hair should look much better based on the amount of money he probably has.

“Boy you make that much money but have a 20$ haircut 🤦🏾‍♂️ 🤣 someone’s been lying to you homie,” one person stated.

The actress and newly retired hoops star posted other photos from Greece as well, which also got plenty of attention.

For example, Union shared a pic of herself in a tiny bikini that both men and women flipped over. Wade, meanwhile, posted a shirtless photo of himself standing in a pool of water with a bathing suit on.

@dwyanewade Instagram

But a lot of women made snide remarks about his male anatomy under that photo, however, someone came to Wade’s defense.

“Water dumb cold,” that person wrote.

“There were also comments about Wade’s haircut under that post as well, and some were confused by the tiny twists.

“Now he want dreads wow,” someone wrote. 

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