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‘Get Off His Nuts’: Erica Mena Goes Off on Fan Scolding Fiancé Safaree Samuels for Protesting Fur Ban Proposal

If there’s one person fans can count on to be in Safaree Samuels‘ corner, it’s his soon-to-be wife Erica Mena.

The “Bad Energy” rapper received a wave of backlash this week for protesting against New York’s recent proposed ban on fur. He was spotted by a local news station joining pro-fur protesters outside of NYC’s City Hall chanting “no fur ban.”

He also took the fight to social media, writing, “Fur ban is no different than laws targeting baggy pants that are done to hurt the community #nofurban don’t mess with my drip #NoFurBan #Safareelutherking.”

Erica Mena
Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels. (Photo: @iamerica_mena/Instagram)

Samuels, 37, was of course met with adverse reactions.

“Your words are disgraceful and repulsive! 🤬 You should buy some COMPASSION and EMPATHY not the skin of animals that deserved to live more than you!!”

“It will take time for your small brain to learn the reason why we dont want you wearing fur! Animals are being skinned alive. Fur looks better on animals!!👎👺.”

One person who’s backed Samuels on his stance is his fiancée and model Mena. She hasn’t said much about Councilman Corey Johnson’s fur ban proposal, but she’s made it loud and clear to fans that she supports the rapper.

She commented on one of his posts this week, “🙌🏾 I’m not for it! 🤣🙌🏾.”

A fan responded to Mena’s comment and scolded Samuels for being pro-fur when he’s supposedly vegan.


“He was just claiming #vegan 😒. So out of all the things to protect in this place we call earth 🙄,” the person wrote.

The 31-year-old mother defended her fiancé, firing back, “Get off his nuts. You know more about him than you do yourself weirdo.”

On Wednesday, Samuels, wearing his long fur coat, protested in New York City with groups of people who also supported his same stance. People held signs that read, “Save Our Jobs #nofurban” and “keep the fur industry.”

According to TMZ, Samuels chanted, “Leave us alone! Stop picking on us. Our fur, our right! Our choice, our right!”

Safaree Samuels protesting against fur ban proposal in New York. (Photo: @abc7)

He also gave a grand speech saying, “How could these people have the nerve to come and tell us that we cannot buy, or these people cannot work and sell, fur. That is absolutely ridiculous and I’m not for it. That’s straight up bull. No fur ban!”

He also called the ban proposal racist and an attack on the Black community.

“Fur ban is no different than laws targeting baggy pants that are done to hurt the Black community #nofurban don’t mess with my drip,” he added.

Despite the backlash he’s receiving, there’s been others who’ve supported him.

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