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Black Alabama Woman Jailed for 17 Months Ends Up Pregnant with No Recollection of How, Family Demands Investigation

The family of a pregnant Alabama  inmate is calling for an investigation into the mysterious circumstances surrounding her pregnancy after the young woman claims to have no recollection of having sex.

Latoni Daniel, 26, has spent the last 17 months sitting in an Alabama prison and is just days away from giving birth, AL. com reported. Now, she and her family are searching for answers as to how she was impregnated.

LaToni Daniel

LaToni Daniel, 26, faces a possible death sentence in the robbery and killing of an elderly Alabama man. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

“She wasn’t pregnant when she went to jail,” said Daniel’s brother, Terrell Ransaw.

On Dec. 5, 2017, Daniel was charged with capital murder in connection to the robbery and fatal shooting of Thomas Chandler, 87. Authorities claim she was the getaway driver for her then-boyfriend,  Ladaniel Martel, who was also charged in the incident.

Daniel, a former member of the Army National Guard, remains in jail with without bail, despite not having any prior convictions. She was booked on a theft charge in 2013, but a jury declined to indict her, according to the news site.

As Daniel awaits trial, the mother-to-be is also anticipating the birth of a baby boy. Her civil attorney, Mickey McDermott, has questions, however, and said he believes someone raped his client.

“We believe she was assaulted and raped inside the jail,” McDermott said. “She has no memory of any sexual contact whatsoever…She’s reported she’s a rape victim and no one is investigating.”

According to the attorney, Daniel was barred from seeing visitors during her time in the Coosa County Jail and was only allowed to communicate with family and friends via letters. Alabama law also prohibits anyone from having sex with an inmate, even if it’s consensual.

Daniel, who suffers from a seizure disorder, was taking a prescribed sedative that caused her to sleep for long periods time and may have been assaulted while under the influence of the drug, McDermott said.

“She’s never had any seizures before she went to jail,” Daniel’s brother added.

After her pregnancy was revealed, Daniel was transferred to another jail about 40 miles away. Her family said they have yet to hear from officials about whether the incident is being investigated and if bail will be granted.

Jeff Willis, the district attorney in Coosa County, confirmed the case is being reviewed but said he couldn’t comment further because it’s “an ongoing matter.” As for the bail, Judge David Law said that’s still being considered

Daniel’s family and attorney are worried a ruling won’t be issued until after the baby’s birth, however, and are unsure if they’ll be able to afford the bail. Regardless, the family said they’ll do whatever they can to take care of the child.

“We’ll pay or put up the property, get her an ankle monitor,” brother Terrell Ransaw told “The baby will be well taken care of and loved, regardless.”

“A lot of people would probably consider giving the baby up for adoption or having an abortion,” he added. “She believes it’s a blessing from God — no matter the situation.”

Daniel’s son is due in late May. If convicted, she faces a possible death penalty.

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