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Look Back at It! Malaysia Pargo Has Fans ‘Crushing’ Over Her Curve-Hugging Leather Pants

The newest dose of style Malaysia Pargo treated fans to has them ogling her like nobody’s business.

And for good reason.

The “Basketball Wives” star on Tuesday uploaded a shot of her posing in a Balenciaga long-sleeved shirt and leather pants that hugged her rear end. Perhaps knowing that influenced the pose Pargo struck as she kneeled in a chair and looked back at the camera behind her.

“Sometimes you just have to say 💋….” Pargo said in the caption.

malaysia pargo
Malaysia Pargo. (Photo: @malaysiainthecity/Instagram)

Promptly noticing the photo, fans swooped in to throw lots of praise Pargo’s way.


“😍super Gorgeous ❤️”

“🤩 crushing.”

“I notice you real good with colors Malaysia you knows how to make your colors agree and complement one another first time I ever seen you get down in Black like that but boy you look good in Black it makes you look smaller.”

“You beauty always stood out to me on Basketball Wives.”

“Malaysia, sincerly speaking, you’re very beautiful woman. beautiful as a Angel.”

Pargo is no stranger to getting praised for her outfits. Recently, the reality star had all eyes on her when she rocked a neon two-piece swimsuit by Matte Collection.

She was so sizzling in the swim wear that her caption led to tons of offers from fans to fly her out to wherever she desired to go.

“I NEED a Vacation..Someone kidnap me Please?” Pargo asked her followers in the April photo’s caption.

The answer came with a quickness.

“Wherever you want to go!! 😍😍”

“I’m ready to risk it all and do it.”

“Drains bank accounts 💙”

However, sometimes the reality star doesn’t always nail it in the fashion department, according to her followers. That was the case in January when Pargo posted a pic in a fitted long-sleeved white t-shirt, denim shorts cut so high up that the pockets were exposed and thigh-high royal blue velvet boots.

“Malaysia, love you and you have to much going on in this picture. You usually use good fashion sense.”

“I don’t know if her face is oily or too much highlight but I hate it 😩. & the outfit is tacky.”

“Don’t come wearing that 😞 throw the whole fit away including the hooker boots . I know you try to create trend but mi cutie not this one it’s a no love you❤️.”

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