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Report: John Singleton’s Will May End Family Fight Over $35 Million Estate

In the final days of John Singleton‘s life, some of his family members reportedly were arguing over his $35 million estate. But now it’s been revealed that he had a will, which could end the quarreling.

Singleton passed away on Monday, April 29, 12 days after suffering from a massive stroke.

And now TMZ reports that his mother Shelia Ward is in possession of the will, because she handled her son’s business affairs. It’ll also be filed with the probate court in the very near future.

Plus, Ward took steps to become Singleton’s conservator in his final days, which was blocked by his daughter Cleopatra, who accused Ward of trying to hoard the assets and keep Singleton’s seven children from receiving anything. Cleopatra also denied that her father was in a coma when reports first surfaced.

It’s also been reported that Singleton’s girlfriend and estranged father have been fighting with Ward over the estate, too.

If Singleton failed to specify who got what, his assets would’ve been split among his seven children based on California State law, and his mother wouldn’t have gotten anything.

But amid losing their loved one and having a money dispute, Singleton’s family still took time to release a statement about high blood pressure and Black men.

Singleton was 51 years old when he died, and his family said he suffered from high blood pressure for much of his life.

“Like many African Americans, Singleton quietly struggled with hypertension,” a statement read. “More than 40 percent of African American men and women have high blood pressure, which also develops earlier in life and is usually more severe. His family wants to share the message with all to please recognize the symptoms by going to”

At this time, there’s no word on when Singleton signed the will or when it’ll be read.

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