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Kamala Harris’ Criticism of AG William Barr Predictably Gets Under Trump’s Skin: ‘She was Probably Very Nasty’

President Donald Trump ripped into Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) on Wednesday following Democrats’ tough questioning of Attorney General William Barr.

In a phone interview with Fox Business, Trump unleashed on the California Democrat for holding Barr’s feet to the fire during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier that day. Harris’ hard line or questioning apparently rubbed the president the wrong way.

“It is so ridiculous,” Trump said to host Trish Regan. “He is an outstanding man with an outstanding mind. He really performed incredibly well today is what I heard.”

The president went on to argue that Harris, who announced her run for the Oval Office in February, was “probably pretty nasty” toward Barr, 68.

“How about these three people running, three not doing very well but three of them are ready for a particular office, I think, maybe you’re talking to the person right now,” he added. “So you have three others running against me and they are up there ranting and raving, like lunatics, frankly.”

Trump lamented the fact that Barr, whom he describes as “a highly respected, great attorney general,” is suffering “abuse” from those running for the presidential office.

“They don’t care about this, they’re just looking for political points,” he argued. “And I really think the American people see through it so easily, Trish. It’s so easy to see through.”

Barr, who was confirmed by the Senate as U.S. attorney general in February, is currently facing calls from Democrats to resign over his poor handling of special counsel Robert Mueller‘s report on the Russia investigation. Mueller, 74, penned a letter to Barr last month expressing concern over Barr’s summary of the highly anticipated report, a summary the recently revealed letter deemed inaccurate and misleading.

Harris is among the Democrats calling on Barr to step down and argued that his allegiance to the president proves he has “no sense of duty” to the American people.

“I see someone who clearly does not have the people in mind as his first priority, or for whom he should have the ultimate or important duty,” the senator told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, adding that Barr thinks of himself as the attorney of the president rather than the attorney of the people. 

“I’m traveling the country,” she continued. “I am meeting a lot of people feeling a sense of distrust in our government, its institutions and leaders. And when you have the person who is responsible for being the highest official in our land around our system of justice, presenting himself and conducting himself in this way, it compromises the integrity in our entire system of justice.”

When asked if she felt Barr was upholding his constitutional oath, Harris said his duty to the country should definitely be called into question.

“I do think he should resign and I do believe, Chris, that he intentionally characterized the report,” she added. “I believe he intentionally is misleading Congress.”

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