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JR Smith Defends Himself Against Fan After Post Detailing Feelings About Meeting Daughter’s Stepfather: ‘Know Your Facts’

JR Smith posted a positive message about accepting his daughter Peyton’s stepfather, but someone decided to take a swipe at him, which the NBA player responded to.

On Monday, the Cleveland Cavaliers guard posted a photo of himself with Peyton as well as her stepdad and detailed the journey it took to accept him.

“This is my daughter Peyton an I with her Mother’s husband an her Lil brother!” wrote Smith. “So many things came in mind leading up to meeting him! So many negative things i thought about saying an doing an i finally met him an all i could see was the joy he helps put on my daughter face an those negative feelings went away faster than anything I’ve ever seen!”

“I just wanted to let men know if your child or kids are living with another man, MEET HIM FIRST before you act up cause this dude is a class act! Much respect! Ps if any foul play is done… nvm 🤟🏾,” he added.”

That’s when the Instagram follower decided to criticize Smith.

“Why have negative thoughts about things you would do or say before meeting a man your baby mama is with when you chose not to be with her? You wanted her to be alone forever or something? That makes no sense. But good for you for growing up.”

“Wrong,” Smith wrote back. “My daughter mother an I was never together so know your facts. It’s was about my DAUGHTER! READ!”

Smith’s fans weighed in right after and agreed that his detractor had no idea what she was talking about.

“sis missed the whole message 🙄” someone commented.

“I’m glad you clapped back!” another person wrote. “Most celebrities don’t even comment. People need to read and get an understanding before they present themselves with negativity!”

People also called Smith mature for the way he now views Peyton’s stepdad.

“Damn good advice swish!” one of his followers wrote. “Always put the young ones first, every decision, every situation.”

” 💪💪🏽💪💪. That’s what Real men do. Much props Brother ❤️, another person wrote.

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