J.R. Smith Poses Nude With Daughter, Folks Aren’t Sure How to React: ‘Dont Need to See This, Keep It in Ya Fam Album’

J.R. Smith recently posted a photo of himself with his daughter Denver on Wednesday, but instead of getting a bunch of compliments many found the picture strange.

That’s because the Cleveland Cavaliers guard, who’s had plenty of free time on his hands since being benched for the season last November, posed naked for the photo while he held his little one on his lap. The shot was also taken in a shower, and it caused plenty of reaction. “My sign ain’t water but we #AquaBeingsOverHere,” Smith captioned the post.


“What are you doing man 😷are losing your mind?” one of his Instagram followers asked.

“Bro out of all the pictures in the world you put up this one …..smdh!!! So sad,” another person wrote.

There were also some people who didn’t seem to mind the photo, they just thought it should be kept off the Internet.

“It’s nice but you shouldn’t post it … 💛,” one person commented.

“Dont need to see this, keep it in ya fam album,” another suggested. “Weird ass dude man. Rein that sh-t in.”

Besides the people slamming Smith for the pic, a debate broke out about whether a double standard was taking place.

Because some said mothers take nude photos with their children all the time, so it shouldn’t be a problem if a father chooses to do so. But a lot of people shot that reasoning down and said regardless of the parent’s gender, a nude photo with a child should never happen.

“Bro ain’t shit wrong with this picture that’s what’s wrong with y’all you always have to sexualize some sh-t,” one person wrote. “That’s his daughter there absolutely nothing wrong with nudity. It’s weird cause y’all making it weird. It wouldn’t be a big deal if it was a mother and her child. Stop the double standards.”

“nah shorty yall weird,” someone wrote back. “No man should be naked with their daughter in the shower 💯”

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