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Self-Proclaimed Greek Billionaire Lashes Out In Court After Jury Awards His Ex-Employee $11M Following Sexual Harassment Trial

A California jury determined a woman who accused a Greek Coca-Cola bottling heir of sexual harassment will be awarded $11 million in damages.

The decision was handed down Friday, April 26 in a California court when the jury found Alki David must pay Chasity Jones $8 million in punitive damages. This comes in addition to the $3.09 million in compensatory damages Jones is entitled to get, according to NBC Los Angeles.

Chasity Jones
Alki David (left) must pay Chasity Jones (right) a total of $11 million stemming from a sexual harassment lawsuit filed in 2017. (Photos: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images/@chasity jones/Instagram)

Jones previously worked for David’s companies Hologram USA and FilmOn.TV. She and another former sales accountant named Elizabeth Taylor sued David in February 2017. In the suit, Jones alleged her boss inappropriately touched her and had her view porn on her work computer. Additionally, she claimed the man responsible for bringing Tupac Shakur’s hologram to life at Coachella in 2012 hired male stripper to perform in the office in celebration of an executive’s birthday. Seeing the stripper offended Jones, and she deemed it sexual harassment.

In addition, the Daily Mail reported David was accused of running his hands up Jones’ legs in an apparent effort to comfort her as she grieved over the death of her mother. Jones’ claim further stated she was fired for “refusing to have sex” with David in November 2016 after nearly two years of working for him.

The two-week trial saw a host of accusations being hurled from both the plaintiff and defendant’s sides. Accusing Jones of trying to get money from their billionaire client, the defense attempted to submit a series of Instagram photos depicting Jones living it up and traveling around the globe during the time of the trial.

But a source told the British newspaper that in California, “you can’t enter evidence to impeach the credibility of the accuser.” Sexually suggestive images from Jones’ trips would be included under that.

“No sexually provocative photos she may have posted, no anecdotes about flirtatious behavior or lewd comments she may have made about her nighttime activities,” the source said of what’s allowed. “Meanwhile, you can use character evidence against the accused — even, as in this case, a parade of people who have their own suits against the defendant and have a financial interest in seeing him lose.”

Jones’ attorney, Lisa Bloom, argued that her client suffers from PTSD and women who deal with that disorder “still work, take trips, see friends, and do their best. They also suffer from insomnia, hypervigilance, anxiety and stress, and get triggered by their abuser,” according to the Daily Mail. NBC L.A. also reported Bloom showed several YouTube videos of David bragging about what he claimed is his multi-billion-dollar fortune.

During a Tuesday court date David, who had several outbursts throughout the trial, exclaimed, “Do something with your life, woman.” On Wednesday, he deemed Jones “an abhorrent woman” and on Thursday, he verbally attacked Jones and was escorted out by a sheriff.

“$11 million is a huge verdict for us and for all victims. We have fought for this outcome for 2.5 years and I am so glad we persisted,” Bloom said in a statement obtained by The Hollywood Reporter concerning the jury’s decision Friday. “I encourage everyone to stand up for your rights.”

When the outlet reached out to David for comment he said, “Ridiculous …I’m not paying it.”

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