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Report: ESPN and TNT Are Having a Bidding War for Dwyane Wade To Be An Analyst

Dwyane Wade just ended his NBA career a little over two weeks ago, and two networks are reportedly fighting over him to be their analyst.

According to the New York Post, ESPN and TNT are now establishing offers for the former Miami Heat player to appear on air during this year’s NBA playoffs.

If Wade chooses ESPN’s “NBA Countdown,” he could replace analyst Chauncey Billups, who’s now up for a position in the front-office with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Or he could grab Michelle Beadle’s spot since an insider said her higher-ups aren’t too thrilled with her at the moment. But ESPN personalities Maria Taylor and Rachel Nichols are said to be possibilities for that position as well.

However, if Wade goes the “NBA Countdown” route, he’d be working with Paul Pierce, who once said he had a better career than Wade did, which he was heavily criticized over.

There will also be a permanent spot open at TNT’s “Inside the NBA” in the future, because 56-year-old Charles Barkley said he’d be retiring in four years at the age of 60.

In the past, Wade did analyst work for ESPN/ABC during the 2015 NBA Finals when his good friend LeBron James‘ Cleveland Cavaliers fell to the Golden State Warriors.

Another possibility is that Wade won’t want to be tied down to a full-time position and may just sit in on games periodically. Especially since it was recently reported that he and his wife Gabrielle Union launched several products under their own company, which include jewelry, hair care products, baby products and clothing.

Wade ended his 16-year NBA career on April 10 in a game against the Brooklyn Nets with Union, and his friends James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul all in attendance.

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