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Gloria Govan Claps Back at Hoop Fan Who Tries to Discredit Derek Fisher’s Stats: ‘I’d Be Mad Too’

Gloria Govan showed one basketball fan that she’ll stand up for her fiancé Derek Fisher if someone tries to insult him.

On Friday, Govan shared a photo of Fisher along with Lebron James, Tim Duncan, Robert Horry as well as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and she relayed a certain playoff statistics.

“Top 5 NBA players to play in the most playoff games! That’s right! If you don’t know, now you know. @dereklfisher ok baby, I see you 😍😎👊🏽 #NBA#playoffs#champions,” she wrote.

Afterwards, someone said that statistics really isn’t important since unlike James, Abdul-Jabbar and Duncan, Fisher was a role player and had the support of superstars like Kobe Bryant when they both played for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The fan also brought up the memorable shot that Fisher hit as a Laker in game five of the 2004 Western Conference Semifinals against the San Antonio Spurs with just 0.4 seconds left.

“Stats like this don’t even matter,” the guy wrote. “He got carried on them teams. He made ONE shot and that’s his career just One shot. But your his girl someone has I ride his wave.”

But Govan wasn’t having it, and she quickly branded the hoop fan a hater. Plus, she claimed he had no one to cheer him on like Fisher does, and he was mad about it.

“I love that your such a hater, but still following me” wrote the former “Basketball Wives” star. “You that dude that was playing on your freshman team as a senior. With that attitude you’ll never find a girl that’ll rides for you. CLOWN! I’d be mad too.”

Fisher even chimed in at one point and seemed to express thankfulness that Govan has his back.

“Still hard to imagine,” he wrote. “So blessed.”

It was clear that people loved Govan’s clapback, and one person told her she should’ve ignored the hoop fan altogether.

“killed em wit that response 🙌🏾✊🏾,” someone wrote.

“don’t pay attention to his a-s,” that person suggested.

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