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Shaunie O’Neal’s Family Got the Chance to Meet Will Smith, But That’s Not What Has Fans Chattering

Shaunie O’Neal got her kids the opportunity of a lifetime when they met movie star Will Smith. But fans soon turned their attention to the fact that the “Basketball Wives” executive producer is so much shorter than everyone around her despite O’Neal being pretty tall herself.

“Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit the Bad Boys 3 movie set and @shaqironeall was able to meet his favorite actor. Thank you @willsmith for having us, you made this spring break one to remember!” O’Neal said on Instagram Thursday, April 4.

Shaunie O'Neal

Shaunie O’Neal (third from left) poses with her kids: Me’arah O’Neal (second from left), Shaqir O’Neal (fourth from left),  Shareef O’Neal (third from right), Mimi O’Neal (second from right) and Myles O’Neal (right) along with actor Will Smith (center). (Photo: @shaunieoneal5/Instagram)

O’Neal treated 22-year-old son Myles O’Neal, 19-year-old UCLA star son Shareef O’Neal, 17-year-old daughter Amirah “Mimi” O’Neal, 15-year-old son Shaqir O’Neal and 12-year-old daughter Me’arah O’Neal to a meet-and-greet with Smith. The family also got the chance to see some behind-the-scenes action as the second sequel to “Bad Boys” continues filming.

After production taking place in Atlanta in March, filming for the Martin Lawrence co-starring flick has since moved to Miami for the first week of April.

Many fans applauded Shaunie for landing her family the unique opportunity.

“Mom of the year!”

“This is super cool… 💪🏽💯♥️ @shaunieoneal5 ur awesome mother… 💯♥️💗”

“Awwww love this 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽”

However, followers soon turned their attention to how much shorter O’Neal appeared standing next to her teenage son and the rest of her kids. O’Neal is 5 feet 11, which means she only comes close to daughter Mimi height-wise. Mimi, as well as sister Me’arah and brothers Shaqir and Shareef, are all basketball players.

“Awww, Your shorter than all your kids 😊”

“@shaunieoneal5 are you now the shortest of your household? Can’t believe how grown your family is….seems like yesterday before you know it everyone will be out the house. Blessing.”

“The height of them ‘kids’ OMG remind me of the monstars on space jam, They are blessed and even taller than Will 😲 that’s outstanding.”

“I’ve seen you in person @shaunieoneal5 and I thought you were tall but seeing you next up your kids 👀 makes you seem short. Beautiful family!”


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