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‘Leaving Neverland’ Director Admits to Inconsistencies in Documentary, Twitter Tears Into Him, Film’s Michael Jackson Accusers

Dan Reed, the director of “Leaving Neverland,” admitted his documentary has some inconsistencies with regard to some of the accusations raised in the series.

The HBO documentary aired last month, and it surrounds two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, saying that Michael Jackson molested them when they were boys.

The director of “Leaving Neverland” admitted the documentary has some inconsistencies. (Photo: Getty Images, Jerod Harris / Carlo Allegri)

More specifically, Safechuck said he was molested from 1988 until 1992, and one of the places it happened was in Jackson’s Neverland train station.

But Mike Smallcombe, Jackson’s biographer, proved the station wasn’t built until 1994, two years after Safechuck said the abuse stopped.

Smallcombe also secured the construction permit to back up his claims. In fact, the permit showed the approval from Santa Barbara County in California didn’t come until September 1993.

On Saturday Smallcombe tweeted his findings, which Reed responded to the following day.

“Yeah there seems to be no doubt about the station date. The date they have wrong is the end of the abuse,” the director tweeted.

Smallcombe then ripped Reed for his response and accused him of not conducting a thorough investigation.

“So @danreed1000 is now saying because the story has been debunked, suddenly the end of Safechuck’s abuse was when he was 16/17 rather than 14,” he wrote on Sunday. “It’s a three year discrepancy. Just hold your hands up, don’t change the story. This is what happens when you don’t investigate properly.”

Smallcombe also questioned Wade Robson’s claims, who said he was molested by Jackson in 1990 while he was left alone with the singer and his family visited the Grand Canyon.

But in 1993 when Jackson was investigated in a separate sexual abuse case of a 13-year-old boy named Jordan Chandler, Wade Robson testified that he went with his family to the Grand Canyon. And his mother Joy Robson said the same thing during her testimony and confirmed that he wasn’t left behind with the singer.

“His mother Joy Robson testified under oath in a deposition in 1993/1994 in relation to the Jordie Chandler case that Wade had actually gone with them on that trip to the Grand Canyon, before the entire family returned to Neverland for the second time the following weekend,” Smallcombe told The Mirror.

After Smallcombe released his findings about the construction permit, his Twitter page exploded with comments.

“The film is being discredited, the director is being discredited and if only there was a law in place to charge the accusers,” one person wrote.

“The lies are catching them,” wrote another.

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