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Toya Wright Welcomes Spring With Jaw-Dropping Look Centered On Radiant Yellow

Social media is buzzing about “T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle” actress Toya Wright after she posted a slew of stunning photos online this week.

The reality veteran flossed her recent modish looks all over Instagram as she donned an electrifying yellow mermaid-dress amid seemingly filming “Family and Friends.” The garment hugged her curves and consisted of a fold-over boat neckline that revealed her bare shoulders and waist-belt that cinched her midsection.

Toya Wright

Toya Wright. (Photo: @toyawright/Instagram)

The mother of two accessorized her vibrant ensemble with an apparent diamond-studded rope necklace, gold chain, a blinged-out bracelet and pair of oversized diamond stud earrings. She appeared to opt for a glam makeup look with a neutral colored lip-gloss and rocked her hair in a curly shoulder-length bob. She wrote in her Instagram caption on March 20 “Call me Sunshine ☀️.” She also shouted out celebrity fashion stylist “NoIGJeremy” of Atlanta, who selected her elegant fashions.

Toya Wright

Toya Wright. (Photo: @toyawright/Instagram)

Wright’s fans had a field day over her stellar look and showered her IG feed with a gang of compliments.

“I’ve got sunshine ☀️🌞!” one fan exclaimed. “That is definitely a color you own…gorgeously beautiful.”

Another added, “Hey Sunshine 💛🙌! Toya you always look so beautiful. That color always looks good on you.”

“You looking all lemon drop😍spring has sprung gorgeous dress 👗 that yellow looks awesome on YOU 💛😍,” another fan commented.

“Girl yellow is my favorite color….you rocking it Toya☀.”

Wright appears to be big on fashion, makeup, and especially hair. The star actually revealed last August, that she experienced a great loss of hair after giving birth to Reign Rushing in February 2018. After doing extensive research, she found out that she suffered from postpartum alopecia — which is hair loss after pregnancy cased by unbalanced hormones in the female body.

Toya Wright and Reign Rushing

Toya Wright and Reign Rushing (Photo: @toyawright/Instagram)

“Postpartum Alopecia Is so real,” the 36-year-old wrote at the time in an Instagram post. “I didn’t know why my hair was falling out. I just noticed my edges and the middle of my hair were getting super thin. Every time I would wash my hair it would come out in chunks. I’ve always had full edges. I did some research and found out that new moms are surprised to be shedding more hair than usual in the first few months after giving birth, but it’s perfectly normal.”

Wright apparently used hair care products such as growth treatments, oils and other natural products to help with her hair loss. There’s no word if the side and middle of her hair has grown back, but she did say it takes “6-12 months” for moms suffering from postpartum alopecia to grow back.

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