Chaka Khan Has a Bemused Take on Fan Saying She Looks Like Nicki Minaj

The last time Chaka Khan made headlines was early last month when she said today’s musicians lack true talent, and she’s touched on one of those younger artists again. But the legendary singer didn’t do it verbally, she did it on social media after someone said she looked like Nicki Minaj.

And that opinion was shared beneath a video Khan posted on Wednesday, March 13, which shows her flipping the long burgundy locks she has in slow motion. The singer also shared the clip to let fans know that she was appearing on an episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Chaka Khan set someone straight after being called a Nicki Minaj look alike. (Photo: @chakaikhan Instagram)

“You look like Nicki Minaj,” wrote someone who uses the Instagram handle realwigssplitter.

Some might say that person wasn’t too far off with their opinion, and that Khan actually does resemble the “Chun-Li” rapper, which could be taken as a compliment by the singer since she’s 65 and Minaj is 36.

“She looks like ME,” wrote Khan in response.

But it wasn’t just the realwigssplitter who shared the opinion about the two women’s resemblance, many others did too, and they called both beautiful.

“Oh my god you look like nicky minaj. Well she looks like you. 😍😍😍 those beautiful features,”  someone wrote.

@chakaikhan She Does Look Like You …You Should Let @nickiminaj Play You In Your Autobiography MOVIE About Your Life !!!” wrote someone else

“Omg is Nicki ya daughter,” another person asked.

Khan also addressed the talk about looking like Minaj in a 2012 tweet when she wrote“Is it me or do @ChakaKhan and @NICKIMINAJ resemble one another? I’ve heard that quite a bit lately. I do see the resemblance.”

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