Safaree Samuels Hits Back at Fan Who Calls Him a ‘Punk’ Amid ‘LHHNY’ Reunion Drama

Safaree Samuels appeared fed up with fans who apparently confused his calm demeanor for weakness.

The “Hunnid” rapper was the center of drama during “Love and Hip Hop: New York‘s” reunion special which aired on Monday, March 18. He got into a heated argument with his cast mate Joe Budden and nearly came to blows with co-star Rich Dollaz because of his current relationship with fiancée Erica Mena.

Safaree Samuels

Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels. (@iamsafaree/Instagram)

Samuels doesn’t appear to be much of a fighter on the show, being known more for his jovial, friendly and non-aggressive nature. However, a detractor indicated that the rapper’s unassertive behavior was the reason why Budden and Dollaz picked a fight with him.

“All that money you are spending on that pass around Erica. You should use it and invest it in defense lessons,’ the naysayer wrote underneath a photo Samuels posted on Instagram March 19, of himself and his fiancée in Jamaica, seemingly for a new music video he’s working on.

“You look like a fool on tv. All these men coming at you because they know that you are a punk #shameshameshame,” the person added.

Safaree Samuels


Samuels who seemed to be fed up with people criticizing him, shot back at the person, ” [It’s] always a ugly pressed b–ch leaving her 2 cents in places when she ain’t even got a dollar. Scramm bird 🐦.”

The “LHHNY” actor’s response to the non-fan triggered a slew of mixed reactions from others.

“He said, what the Fukk, he said! Boop! That’s the comeback of 2019 😂Okurr!”

“The person is right tho Safaree was acting like a punk with Joe but he’s just not a fighter tho but Erica is nasty af n been pass around!”

“Safaree just mad cuz the fans stating facts!! 💯 Erica is a pass around Safaree got rich and joe burden that would smash him any day like they all smashed Erica!”

“Negus are mad cause Safaree don’t care what ppl have to say! He wanted her, he waited on her & boom he snatched her! Leave safaree tf alone HATER 🤷🏾‍♀️😌✌🏾.”

“Just because Safaree play a lot don’t mean he a punk. He would kill Rich and Joe any day on the streets 💯.”

Following “LHHNY’s” explosive reunion, Samuels seemingly addressed Dollaz and Budden’s apparent issue with him dating Mena in a post with a photo of he and her, saying, “We really be laughing at em! 😂.”

As far as Samuels being called a punk, Mena said that’s not the case for her fiancé at all. She told People magazine in February that he’s secure in his manhood without having to be a tough guy all the time.

“It’s just disgusting how other grown men, even females, call him out to be this clown and goofball and miss that, because he’s not a lot of those men that are prideful and angry or aggressive and macho, macho,” she said. “[He’s] really showing what an incredible man he is and how really he was raised and how he’s just so intuitive and such, uh, a hopeless romantic. I’m dreaming.”

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