Battle of the Exes: Erica Mena Accuses Joe Budden of Cheating on Cyn Santana After His Explosive Confrontation With Safaree

Erica Mena seemingly wants all the smoke with Joe Budden and his lass Cyn Santana, Mena’s ex.

Things got intense between Budden and Mena’s fiancé Safaree Samuels during Monday night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop: New York.” Both rappers almost came to blows after Samuels didn’t give Budden a heads-up that Mena, Santana’s ex-girlfriend, would be on their Costa Rica trip.

Mena apparently watched the drama go down between her beau and Budden on national television and felt the need to add her two cents to the mix. She took to Twitter on Tuesday morning and retweeted a fan who was confused as to why Budden was so mad at Samuels for bringing her on the trip.

Erica Mena

(From left) Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena, Joe Budden and Cyn Santana. (Photos: @iam_ericam and @cynsantana)

“I really don’t care for @JoeBudden comfront’n @IAMSAFAREE we ain’t even kno @iamErica_Mena was there… who cares,” the person tweeted.

The 31-year-old model agreed with the fan and wrote, “I don’t get it especially since no one really cared.” She then seemingly accused Budden of cheating on Santana with another woman.

“Let alone asked about Cyn whereabouts when he brought another female to my mans crib. Who cares,” Mena wrote.

Budden has since been active on Twitter since Mena’s vexed remarks but has not addressed her. Santana seems to also be taking the high road and ignoring Mena’s allegations.

Erica Mena


During episode 13 of “LHHNY,” Budden confronted his “friend” Samuels for unexpectedly bringing Mena on their Costa Rica trip after the Jamaica native told the group she wasn’t coming. However, Budden spotted Mena posting photos of their resort all over social media, which infuriated him because Samuels didn’t give him a heads-up. Samuels, on the other hand, felt he didn’t have to tell Budden about his personal life since he wasn’t initially planning on bringing his fiancée.

While screaming, Budden expressed the notion Samuels could have texted him to let him know that Santana’s “old work” would be there so he could know how to “navigate.”

“LHHNY” viewers added their mixed reactions:

“Joe is very worried about something. & Safaree lookin like he livin his best life bitch unbothered as fuckkkk. Safaree is mood goals 😭.”

“Safaree could have gave Joe a heads up tho 🤗!”

“Joe looked so stupid point blank PERIOD! Your obviously not secure in your relationship to be threatening by a WOMAN who’s not even around 🤣 like bye 🤞🏽.”

“#TeamJoe Safaree is shady af!”

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