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Tamar Braxton’s Pic of Her Snoozing Sis Toni Braxton Has Fans Amazed by Her Ageless Beauty

Tamar Braxton was recently video chatting with her older sister Toni Braxton and managed to snap a stunning screenshot of the “Un-Break My Heart” singer snoozing.

Toni had fallen asleep while she was talking to her younger sister on Wednesday, and Tamar couldn’t help but share the resulting image with her fans on her Instagram page.

“She’s going to kill me but my sister is fckn BEAUTIFUL!!! She fell asleep while I was clearly in a conversation by myself…. but forget all that.. who is this beat while they are sleeping?? Cmon genes💦💪🏾🙏🏼 @tonibraxton,” Tamar gushed about her fellow singer sis March 13.

tamar braxton

Toni Braxton fell asleep as she spoke to her sister Tamar. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

Her makeup “beat” aside, the post had fans marveling at Toni’s ageless beauty.

“I thought this was a child! My God she looks so young!”

“She looks no older than 15 here!! Wtf?!! She looks so young!! Good genes for real girllllll!!!”

“But why is she so beautiful when she sleeping….can I get the juice so I can look this young when I turn her age😩😍”

“Thought this was a teenager when I first glanced. So youthful.”

“I’m 23 & she looks younger than me. This is insane, lmao. 😂😍😍😍 Y’all all lows gone be forever young, cus look at Mama E! Looks like she’s 50, y’alls genes fire 😭🤷🏽‍♀️”

Tamar braxton

Singers Tamar Braxton (left) and Toni Braxton (right) attend the 44th annual Daytime Emmy Awards at Pasadena Civic Auditorium on April 30, 2017, in Pasadena, California. (Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Things took a slight turn when one commenter disagreed with a fan about the Braxtons getting their good looks from mom Evelyn Braxton.

“@1andonlygoldensunshyne. no they got it from plastic surgery yes gawd.”

But supporters of the Braxton family hopped in to defend them.

“@mango_platinum Bitch gtfo with your ignorance”

“@mango_platinum positive content for you ❤️”

“Why people got to point out what work somebody had done , damn just say she look good and move on or nothing at all , y’all ole negative ass 🤯”

The Braxtons have, however, gone under the knife.

Toni admitted that getting a nose job while recording her debut album 26 years ago didn’t just correct a sinus issue.

“The higher notes got easier,” she told PrideSource last year.

Her sister was more adamant about not going under the knife despite rumors to the contrary. However, she did admit to a “nose procedure” to correct a lack of cartilage.

“I don’t have plastic surgery. I never had plastic surgery. I had a nose procedure done because I had to. I had no cartilage in my nose, I have a piece of cartilage from my ear put into my nose. I had a medical procedure done. I have no plastic in my nose,” she told Ebony magazine in 2013.

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