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Dave Chappelle Calls Daniel Caesar ‘Very Gay’ During Joint Appearance, Produces Awkward Moment

Was Daniel Caesar being sensitive when Dave Chappelle gave him an awkward introduction or was the singer right to be upset?

The comedian was on John Mayer’s Instagram Live show “Current Mood,” which hit the Internet on March 10, and Caesar was the musical guest.

Dave Chappelle (left) called Daniel Caesar “gay” during an introduction, which caused an awkward moment. (Photos: Getty Images, Vivien Killilea/ Emma McIntyre)

“Very gay,” Chappelle said after Mayer began to talk about him.

“Oh, did I say that out loud?” the comedian asked, then tried to clean up the remark by explaining how “amazing” a musician Caesar is. But it was too late because Caesar was already offended.

“What the f–k was that?” Caesar asked.

“Did I offend you?” Chappelle said back, which the singer answered yes to. Both men also admitted to being drunk on the show.

Off camera, you can hear the “Half Baked” star ask Caesar if he was really offended, and Mayer told them to continue their exchange on camera.

At one point, Mayer also insisted that Chappelle apologize, because it’s “only a three second cleanup” to do so, but Chappelle responded with an emphatic “No.” It seemed his main reason was because the comment was merely a joke, and he thought Caesar should take it as such.

“Before this broadcast started, me and this brother sat at a piano. He played expertly. Beautifully,” said the funny man. “I never met him before, and I knew for a fact that I’m in the presence, not just someone who was good, but someone that was great. The fact that I offended you as a comedian.”

Chappelle then turned up his lips, seemingly to say the singer was making a big deal for no reason.

“I’m being “sensitive,” responded Caesar,” which the comedian agreed with.

Correctamundo,” he stated. “I thought about it. You are being [sensitive].”

Caesar then came into the camera shot, placed his arm around the Chappelle and said he was being “hella sensitive.” He also told the 45-year-old how much of a fan he is.

As soon as the video was posted, a lot of people found the exchange between the singer and Chappelle funny, while others said Mayer did a poor job of intervening after he claimed to be “good at clean up.”

Some may recall Mayer had to do some cleaning up of his own in 2010 when he made some disparaging remarks about Black women during an interview with Playboy. It was after he was asked if Black women ever throw themselves at him. He also used the n-word during that interview as well.

“I don’t think I open myself to it. My d-ck is sort of like a white supremacist. I’ve got a Benetton heart and a fu-kin’ David Duke c-ck,” he said. Mayer later apologized for those remarks.

But while Chappelle didn’t apologize for what he told Caesar, it doesn’t seem to matter since everything seems to be OK between them now.

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