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Drunk Shamari DeVoe Goes Overboard Hitting on Eva Marcille and Tanya Sam, Allegedly Gets in Nene Leakes’ Crosshairs When She Spews in Her Closet

A sneak peek of this Sunday’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” has all eyes on Shamari DeVoe for reasons that aren’t the most flattering.

The March 3 episode sees Nene Leakes host a “Bye Wig” party much like the makeup-free gathering during season 8. While the ladies largely opted to put on some form of makeup then, they all agreed to let their real hair down for this event — but DeVoe did so a little too much when she decided to keep drinking away.

First, the Blaque member got a little frisky with peach holder Eva Marcille.

“I love you,” DeVoe tells the married model and mother of two as she gets close to the “RHOA” star. The singer then tries to put her mouth around Marcille’s nipple, which induces laughter in their cast mates.

“I’m going home with Eva tonight,” DeVoe declares.

But it wasn’t just Marcille in the sights of the performer, who has previously indicated she was involved with women when she briefly had an open marriage with husband Ronnie DeVoe. Devoe also got frisky with friend of the show Tanya Sam, whom she propositioned by lifting her leg up over her own head.

While Marcille, Sam and the other ‘wives saw it all as good fun, a clip from the midseason trailer revealed things got serious when Leakes vowed to “f— you up” to someone off camera. After the Swagg Boutique owner snatched a cameraman out of her way, the scene cut to black. Speculation emerged saying the co-star at issue was Shamari.

An insider told Media Take Out Monday that although Leakes argued with Marlo Hampton in the preview, she was about to fight Shamari for nearly vomiting in her closet.

“Shamari got really drunk that night because she’s an alcoholic,” the source claims. “She asked to go to the bathroom to throw up. But instead of going into the bathroom she went into Nene’s closet.”

“Nene saw Shamari going to throw up in her closet and went to beat the brakes off of her,” they added. “Luckily that cameraman was there because it was about to go down.”

Leakes was fined for putting her hands on the cameraman and allegedly lost $200,000 as a result.

Meanwhile, fans have been giving their two cents on Shamari’s antics.

“Shamari is married and she’s lusting Sexually after another MARRIED STRAIGHT woman, God don’t like ugly.”

“Shamari disgusting.”

“✔️Shamari knows how to Turn Up 🍾”

“did she know where the bathroom was?”

“@go2sleepitslateinatlanta yes, that’s what I heard too. Shamari was so drunk and didn’t go to the bathroom & instead threw up in NeNe’s closet. I’d be running to get her too. 🤷🏾‍♀️”

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