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‘Power’s’ Omari Hardwick and Michael Rainey Jr. Seen In the Recording Studio Causes a Huge Stir

What were “Powers” Omari Hardwick and Michael Rainey Jr. doing in a recording studio?

That’s what a lot of people wanted to know after Rainey Jr. posted a photo of himself and his TV dad to Instagram on Tuesday.

The shot shows both of them standing in front of a microphone. The 18-year-old sported a tan hoodie and gold durag in the photo, while Hardwick wore camouflage pants and a grey top. Hardwick, of course, plays James “Ghost” St. Patrick on the show, and Rainey Jr. plays his son Tariq.

Michael Rainey Jr. and Omari Hardwick seen in the recording studio together.


At first, it wasn’t clear if the actors were recording something for “Power” or making music in the studio, and it seemed to bother those who really wanted to know.

“Wtf are y’all doing everything is too quiet and I don’t like it,” one person wrote.

“If y’all don’t get y’all asses on set for ‘Power’ and stop playing in the studio!!!!!!!” wrote someone else.

But Rainey Jr. eventually silenced the chatter and let everyone know that he and Hardwick aren’t working on a side project, they were preparing for the crime drama’s new season.

“Y’all think we’re in the studio but we’re working on season 6,” he wrote.

Hardwick shared the image on his page too, which is the second studio picture he posted this week.

On Sunday, the former “Verses and Flow” host shared a photo of himself in the studio with Brooklyn rapper Casanova, and based on the caption it looks like he was either recording music or poetry, since the actor is also a spoken word artist.

“all MUST be fair in love & war. Especially when the LOVE wins,” wrote Hardwick. “Bros @50cent & @myfabolouslife must’ve known it would. Proud of you killa king @casanova_2x 🤜🏾👑🤛🏾 Work coming y’all. For the culture sh–.”

“Power’s” premiere date still hasn’t been announced, but it’s expected to be back on sometime this year.

Omari Hardwick posted a photo of himself in the studio with the rapper Casanova.


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